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Aron Carter Death Photos: Aaron Carter’s Mom Reveals Death Scene Photos, Demands Cops Keep Investigating



Aron Carter Death Photos Aaron Carter's Mom Reveals Death Scene Photos, Demands Cops Keep Investigating

Aaron Carter, ‌rose to fame at nine years old with his debut album, “Aaron’s Party”, by selling millions of copies. Unfortunately, his career was cut short when he was found dead in his bathtub on 5th November 2022.

His body was found by his housekeeper immersed in the bathtub. Upon alerting the authorities, they immediately rushed to the scene and retrieved the body from the tub to send the body for further analysis.

According to autopsy reports, there were so signs of water in the body, ruling out the possibility of drowning. Furthermore, investigators ruled his cause of death as overdosing. But there is no confirmation that the late singer was indeed overdosed, as official toxicology results are still pending.

However, Aaron’s family does not believe that he intentionally overdosed on any substance. In order to prove this, his mother, Jane Carter disclosed some of the first pictures of the scene of Aaron Carter’s death.

The pictures include a series of death scenes; in the first picture, a towel and water were spilled on the floor, in a way that his body was pulled from the tub and lied down on the floor. In another picture, the bathtub can be seen transformed into a tinted green color – which can be due to several hours of the body lying in the tub.

Aron Carter Death Photos

However, without ‌a proper toxicology report, it is unclear to determine ‌the cause of death. 

Jane Carter accused the investigation officers of not properly conducting the investigation as well as ruling out ‌overdose just because of a history of substance abuse to make their work easier.

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Along with the first taken death scene pictures, she also released a post that reads, “Still trying to get a real investigation for the death of my son Aaron Carter. I want to share these death scene photos with you all because the coroner wrote it off as an accidental drug overdose. They never investigated a possible crime scene because of his addiction past. Look at the photos, they were not taken by the police. But they allowed people to go in and out. Although a lot of potential homicide information was there for years. Aaron had a lot of death threats and many many people who were making his life miserable.”

Jane believes that Aaron was killed; she revealed his son’s body could be pulled out of the tub and placed in the towel as it appears to be perfectly placed on the floor. It appears the entire scene is full of confusion and it would not be easier to find out the killer if he is indeed murdered.

After a few days after the murder, Aaron’s mother and his on-and-off fiance Melanie Martin revealed some information regarding the death scene. They disclosed that they handed some evidence to ‌investigators from the death scene, such as cans of compressed air and prescription pills. Finding these, his family believes that he has been involved with something else.

They also enclosed some of the text messages Melaine found on Carter’s phone. The conversation was about a suspected deal between a dealer threatening him to pay $800 for a substance, even when the singer claimed that he didn’t want it in the messages. 

The family explores the possibility that he could have met the concerned person in the messages and taken a substance that led to a fatal overdose; as a result, he was pulled out of the tab and lying over the towel to perform CPR, as depicted in the latest death scene images. Although, they rule out ‌the possibility of overdosing himself as he has been in and out of rehab. 

His family thinks that there are many unanswered questions left behind by the death of Aaron Carter.

It is unfortunate that ‌such a young talent has passed away at such a young age. Aaron Carter is now survived by his family, fiance, and his son, Prince.

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