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Alex Murdaugh Murders: Alex Murdaugh Found Guilty Of Murder Of Wife And Son



Alex Murdaugh Murders Alex Murdaugh Found Guilty Of Murder Of Wife And Son

Alex Murdaugh, the former attorney of South Carolina was found guilty of murdering his wife and adult son in 2021. He is the fourth generation lawyer in South Carolina, who had substantial wealth and connections.

Murdaugh lived a secret life, stole millions of dollars from his clients, and lied to his colleagues for earning more money from his clients.

Alex Murdaugh Murders – Justice For Maggie And Paul

The conviction happened following a six-week-long trial, more than 20 months after the fatal murder of Murdaugh’s wife, Maggie, 52, and their son, Paul, 22, on their Family’s rural estate.

The jury reached the verdict on Thursday after hearing five weeks of testimony from more than 70 witnesses. In the initial testimony, Murdaugh denied the murders of his wife and son but admitted that he cheated on his clients and lied to the investigators. 

Alex Murdaugh Murders - Justice For Maggie And Paul

He was found guilty of the act of murder and the possession of a weapon in the violent crime. The jury rejected his claim that he left the dog kennels where the crimes happened several minutes before the shooting. 

Judge Clifton Newman revealed on Friday morning that Alex Murdaugh faces 30 years of life imprisonment for the murder charge. After hearing the verdict, Murdaugh didn’t show any emotion. He was escorted to the courtroom in handcuffs and stepped out silently after hearing the verdict. 

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Wilson, The South Carolina General, told reporters that the murder case of Murdaug’s wife and son was one of the most complex cases in South Carolina, but the verdict proved that everyone is equal in front of the law. He also thanked his legal team led by lead prosecutor Creighton Waters, law enforcement, and court staff for their great effort on this case.

Alex Murdaugh Murders-Maggie-Paul

Creighton Waters, The lead prosecutor in South Carolina said that it doesn’t matter about the prestige of a person in society. If you do anything illegal to the law, then justice will be done in South Carolina. He also declared that Alex Murdaugh was the only person, who had the motive to kill his wife and son. The guilty feeling after committing the crime betrays him to confess the murder.  

The jury visited the house where Murdaugh’s family was fatally shot on Wednesday. The authorities said that the bodies of Margaret and Paul were found with multiple gunshot wounds near the dog kennels at the family’s estate. In the initial inquiry, Murdaugh explained to the investigators that he was not there at the time of the murder and called 911 when he discovered the incident. 

During the trial, the prosecutor claimed that Alex Murdaugh did this crime to gain sympathy and distracted from financial cheating done to his colleagues and clients. Meanwhile, the defense present the good deeds of Murdaugh and portrayed him as a loving and caring husband and father. He did always the best for his wife and son and accused the police officers of ignoring the possibility of anyone else could have killed them.

The defense also argued that the investigators and state had failed to meet their burden to prove guilt, and they decided that Murdaugh was responsible for the murder of his wife and son. During the trial, Mr. waters said that Murdaugh’s wife and son blindly trusted him. They weren’t aware of the money transaction of Murdaugh. He fooled his wife and son for his own benefit.

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Further investigations led to the conclusion that Murdaugh is not only done murder but faces about 100 other charges for several allegations ranging from money laundering to the misappropriation of settlement funds.

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