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Maggie Murdaugh Property: Who Will Get Maggie Murdaugh’s Estate Worth $4.3m



Maggie Murdaugh Property: Who Will Benefit from Maggie Murdaugh's Estate Worth $4.3m

After two years of legal wrangling, Maggie Murdaugh’s $4.3 million estate has finally been settled in a complicated deal. The money will be split between her victims, creditors, and her son Buster Murdaugh, who is still alive. Maggie’s husband, who is being tried for killing her, got everything in her will. Most of her wealth was tied to Moselle, the family’s home in Islandton. In June 2021, she and her son Paul both died in horrible ways there.

Maggie, on the other hand, had been living alone at the family’s beach house on Edisto Island for a few months before she died. Moselle was worth about $3 million at the time, but Maggie’s husband sold it to her for $5 and “love and affection” in December 2016. Receivers have since found this to be a fraud. Alex Murdaugh is also accused of embezzlement, stealing settlement money, and other financial crimes. He has turned down his inheritance by filing a “Qualified Disclaimer.” This means that Buster will get the money from the sale of Moselle.

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Maggie Murdaugh Property: Who Will Benefit from Maggie Murdaugh's Estate Worth $4.3m

As the legal battles went on, it was up to the probate court to decide how Maggie’s estate would be split up. According to court documents, the settlement was finally reached in January 2023, almost two years after Maggie died.

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According to the terms of the settlement, Moselle will be sold, and the money from the sale will be split between several parties. Buster will get $530,000 from the sale, and the rest of the money will go to Maggie’s creditors and victims, such as the families of Mallory Beach and Stephen Smith, who died in a boating accident in 2019 that was caused by Paul Murdaugh.

The settlement is a win for the people who were hurt and the people who owed money to the Murdaugh family. It also ends a long, complicated legal battle over Maggie’s estate that has been going on since she died.

Maggie Murdaugh Property: Who Will Benefit from Maggie Murdaugh's Estate Worth $4.3m

The settlement comes at a time when Maggie and Paul’s shocking deaths and Alex Murdaugh’s arrest and trial for allegedly killing Maggie are still affecting the Murdaugh family. Even though the settlement might give the victims and creditors some peace of mind, it’s not likely to end the legal and personal problems that have been plaguing the Murdaugh family for years.

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The settlement of Maggie Murdaugh’s estate is a big step forward in the Murdaugh family’s long legal saga. Even though dividing up her estate may help victims and creditors in some ways, it’s clear that the family’s problems are far from over. As Alex Murdaugh’s trial goes on and new information about the family’s past and present comes out, it’s clear that the Murdaughs will continue to be looked at and talked about by the public for a long time.

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