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Who Is Mallory Beach? Cause Of Death And Details Of Murdaugh Boat Crash Victim



Who Is Mallory Beach All About Murdaugh Boat Crash Victim

Mallory Beach, daughter of Philip and Renee Beach, passed away at 19 years old after a fatal boat accident. She graduated from Wade Hampton High School. Her dreams of becoming an interior designer were shattered.

Mallory Beach’s life was cut short when her drunk friend, Paul Murdaugh, crashed his father’s boat into Archers Creek Bridge, leaving all of the passengers to fly overboard.

During the crash, Mallory was ejected from the boat to drown in the dark water. Her body was not ‌found until seven days from five miles down the river by two volunteers.

Mallory Beach’s Cause Of Death And Incident In Detail

The officials reported that her cause ‌of death was blunt force trauma due to the crash and drowning in the river for more than a week.

Real/Full NameMallory Beach
Age19 years
Date Of Birth/BirthdayApril 18, 1999
DeathFebruary 23, 2019
Birth PlaceWalterboro, South Carolina
ResidenceWalterboro, South Carolina
School NameWade Hampton High School 

In the autopsy report, her body had injuries to her head, neck, and torso. At the crash, she was also drunk as her body had 0.17% ‌ alcohol and she was reportedly not wearing a lifejacket at the moment.

The night of the fatal accident began on February 23, 2019. Mallory, Miley Altman, and Morgan Doughty planned to spend the night with their boyfriends Anthony Cook, Connor Cook, and Paul, respectively. The teenage friends decided to drive Paul’s father’s boat to the party on Paukie Island.

Before boarding the boat, Paul was seen purchasing alcohol at Parker’s Kitchen. According to reports, Paul purchased alcohol using ‌the ID card of his older brother, Buster. Using the fake ID he successfully purchased and was seen loading the cooler of the boat before it was taken to. 

After partying for several hours, they left the party when Paul insisted on driving to a bar downtown. As per recorded evidence, Paul and Connor went to the waterfront bar around 1:00 am and gulped down two rounds of shots before returning to the group. The surveillance camera caught the group getting back on their last ride.

Investigators reported that the rest of the passengers began arguing when he started driving recklessly in circles. Furthermore, Paul refused to stop the boat when the group asked to embark on it at the nearby dock.

They even claimed that Paul would often leave the steering wheel. His reckless ‌drunk driving caused him to hit the bridge.

It happened around 2:30 a.m., per the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources data. The conversation between the 911 receiver and Connor Cook was recorded after he called the police.

In the audio one can hear, Connor claiming that Mallory Beach was missing after they were involved in the crash. However, her body was now found that night.

After seeking police assistance, they were immediately rushed to the hospital except for Anthony, who decided to stay back for his late girlfriend, Mallory Beach.

When they were in the hospital, Paul was called out for being “grossly intoxicated and belligerent.” One of the nurses said that “the most intoxicated and uncooperative of those involved.”

Recovering Body And Cases Charged

Mallory’s body was found dead eight days later. Following the crash and Beach’s death, the family of Mallory Beach filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Murdaugh and Parker’s store for allegedly selling alcohol to underage customers.

Paul was charged with multiple counts of driving the boat under the influence of alcohol, causing the death of Mallory Beach, and as well injuring the other passengers.

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However, all the cases against Paul were dropped when he was blatantly shot along with her mother on their estate. His father, Alex Murdaugh, has been charged with these double murders.

Moreover, Alex was also accused of trying to frame Connor Cook as the driver of the boat instead of his son, Paul. In addition, after the group, was hospitalized.

The hospital staff saw Alex visiting one patient after another, attempting to speak to them. It is alleged that Alex was asking his patients to cooperate and not talk with ‌law enforcement.

As Paul Murdaugh and his mother Maggie have been killed, many wonders if the double murder had any connection with the fatal boat accident as well as the involvement of Alex Murdaugh in the boat accident.

The investigators have not ruled out the possibility; they stated that Alex is the person of interest. The lack of evidence does not provide a clear conclusion regarding the accident. 

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As the trial of Alex’s case is going on, he has not pleaded guilty; only time can tell what the law has in its store for his wrongdoings.

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