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Sonya Deville Arrest: WWE Superstar Sonya Deville Arrested For Gun Possession



Sonya Deville Arrest WWE Superstar Sonya Deville Arrested For Gun Possession

Daria Berenato, whose stage name is Sonya Deville in WWE, has been charged with one count of possession of an unlawful gun in New Jersey.

According to reports, her gun was found by the valet at the Borgata Hotel, Casino, and Spa. A valet happened to discover the gun in her car’s glove box after he checked to verify it was Miss Berenato’s vehicle after a misplaced ticket. The valet immediately called the cops. 

Upon reaching the location, Daria Berenato cooperated with the cops and told them that it was her gun and that she showed the permit for the same.

But, unfortunately, the permit for the gun was not registered in New Jersey; instead, it was registered in Florida. It is presumed that she did not intend to do any harm by holding the gun.

Is She Aware Of The Permit Issue?

Moreover, insider sources told that she was not aware of the requirement for different permit papers in different states.

Sonya Deville Arrest

Her negligence can be ruled out as an honest mistake; but since it is the case of a weapon, she could have been careful with it. As we all are aware, random shooting incidents still happen without any motive.

Despite her assurances, officials simply cannot rule out the fact that she doesn’t have proper permit papers. It is alleged that she is due for a court hearing regarding the matter later this month.

Till then it is unclear what the outcome would be for the star. As for now, the gun has been seized by the police until the hearing.

Sources suggest that she was carrying the gun as protection after the tragic allegedly attempted kidnap of her by an old man during a break-in at her home back in Florida in 2020.

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It is believed that she was traumatized by the incident and always lives with the fear of being kidnapped. 

The WWE Star In New Jersey

For those who are wondering why the WWE star was in New Jersey, let me tell you that she was celebrating her engagement with her fiance, Toni Cassano.

The 29-year-old WWE superstar proposed to her girlfriend Toni Cassano a day after Valentine’s Day at a wine cellar cave in Towaco in New Jersey.

When she proposed to Toni, she immediately pulls out a ring that her girlfriend had been carrying for four months to give her back immediately.

Sonya Deville And Toni Cassano

Bernato and Toni have been dating since last summer. Berenato revealed that she had been customizing and designing the ring for several months to impress her girlfriend-turned-fiance and her kids. She added that it was important for them to have a memorable moment.

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In an interview, she disclosed that she was feeling great when she came out as gay and proposed to her fiance. She added that there was a time when she was having an identity crisis as well as a fear of coming out as gay due to the unacceptance of gays in society and culture.

She also looks forward to encouraging people to be themselves and not ‌be scared of what others think about them. At one point she hasn’t thought of coming open as gay, but look at where she is now she is happily engaged to the love of her life. She assured me that it’s indeed okay for everyone to be who they are regarding the circumstances.

As of now, her cozying up with her fiance has been hindered as she was taken into ‌custody over the matter.

But it is believed that she will be released on bail. Moreover, reports suggest that she does not hold any severe charges and that they can be dropped with the necessary options.

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