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Tim Norman Nephew Murder: Sweetie Pies Star James Tim Norman Sentenced For Nephews Murder



Tim Norman Nephew Murder

Tim Norman, the former Sweetie Pie’s star sentenced to life in prison on Thursday for his nephew’s killing.

The department of justice announced in a press release that he is sentenced to life in prison for arranging the death of his nephew to collect a life insurance payment.

Tim Norman Nephew Murder: Andre Montgomery, The Unfortunate

Tim Norman and his nephew Andre starred in the show ‘Welcome to Sweetie Pies’ an American reality show series about the family’s soul food business founded by Norman’s mother, Robbie Montgomery.

Tim Norman Nephew Murder-Andre Montgomery

U.S. District Judge John A. Ross sentenced Tim Norman to life in prison on Thursday morning. Norman was convicted on three counts last September. The charges included conspiracy to commit mail, conspiracy to commit murder-for-hire, and wire fraud. He said that the evidence is strong against Tim Norman.

He is the mastermind behind the well-executed murder that happened in March 2016 in st. Louis. He said before the sentencing that the murder was cold-blooded, incredibly premeditated, and planned execution. 

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Norman hired two people to execute the murder of his nephew, Andre Montgomery on 14 March 2016.

But during the testimony, Tim Norman denied this argument of killing his nephew. Last week, he uploaded a post with a caption to maintain his innocence. The caption started with acknowledgment.

Tim Norman Nephew Murder

Tim Norman wrote about the court trial that he is still in disbelief and the feds aware that he didn’t do those insurance policies. But the jury didn’t hear his side. He didn’t tell anyone to hurt his nephew. They destroyed his name and status. So people are not going to know the truth. 

The panel found that Tim Norman tried to cash a $450,000 life insurance policy taken out on his nephew after working with a woman named Terica Ellis to pull off the killing. Norman used $10,000 to Terica Taneisha Ellis,39, to lure his nephew to the murder site. She was sentenced to three years after admitting that she bought the amount from Norman.

He spent $5000 to kill Andre Montgomery. Travell Anthony Hill admitted that norman gave him $5000 to shoot Andre Montgomery. The fourth person, insurance agent Waiel, who was involved in the murder, was sentenced to three years in prison for healing Norman to apply for several insurance policies using fraudulent ways. The st. Louis post dispatch reported that his family members including Norman’s mother, Michell Griggs told him to be sentenced to life in prison. 

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