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Who Is Patrick Wojahn? Maryland Mayor Is Charged To Face 360 Years In Prison.



‌Maryland Mayor, Patrick Wojahn has been arrested for the possession and distribution of child pornography. Prince George’s County Police Department has charged the politician with “56 counts of child pornography, 40 counts of possession of child exploitative material, and 16 counts of distribution of child exploitative material.”

The investigation led to the Mayor after the official followed some improper videos that had been uploaded by a kik account named skippy_md. According to reports, Patrick Wojahn was using the account using a virtual private network (VPN) to mask his location. But the backup mail was linked to his phone number and home IP address, which made it easier for officials to track the location.

Reports suggest that investigators conducted a raid on his house on February 28. Upon the raid, they found ‌multiple mobile phones, a computer, a tablet, a storage device, and several videos of young children engaging in sexual acts with adult men. In addition to this, the officials asked the social media platform Kik to hand over all the content shared by Patrick Wojahn’s account.

At this rate of counts of charges, the 47-year-old could face up to 360 years in prison – if convicted.

What Is Known About Patrick Wojahn?

Patrick Wojahn was continuously serving as mayor of College Park for seven years since he won the election back in 2015. Before that, he served as a member of the City Council for around eight years.

During his tenure, Patrick Wojahn addressed ‌multiple environmental and social justice issues, which he also advocated regarding the concerns of the citizens of the state. In his campaigns, he has promised to deliver many developments in the aspects of business and assured the citizens to attract more residents to the state. In addition, he was a pivotal figure during the Coronavirus crisis and was declared a “Present and reassuring leader” by colleagues and philanthropists.

He also balanced equality by assuring that no individual would be discriminated against based on any differences such as religion, gender, or orientation. He also brought the first WeWork to College Park as well as ‌a new hotel, MilkBoy Arthouse.

To keep updated on the initiatives of the council and county, he published an e-newsletter for residents and university students. The e-newsletter is supposedly to be available for the public to comfortably find all the new initiatives held by the state and the council. In this way, the public will always be updated with the latest programs.

His expertise lies as an advocate or lawyer. He earned his law degree at Georgetown University Law Center in 2002.

A look into Patrick Wojahn’s resignation

In the wake of Patrick Wojahn’s arrest, he issued his resignation from his mayor’s spot effectively. It is also reported that he fully cooperated with the investigation and law enforcement. Along with his resignation, he also stated that he is stepping away for mental health reasons as he is currently struggling with lots of stress and other factors.

He assured that the investigation, in no way affects the city business official matter of any kind. This means that his actions will not be affected by any of it, as it concerns only himself.

Who Is Patrick Wojahn?  Maryland Mayor Is Charged To Face 360 Years In Prison.

The city council also officially released a statement citing his resignation as the Mayor of College Park. In the statement, the City Council thanked him for his effective and dedicated measures to deal with social issues over the past seven years. They assured that his resignation is effective immediately, as Tom Denise Mitchell has been appointed as the current Mayor until a special election is held within 65 days, as per the rule.

Although, not to mention that Patrick Wojahan became the first openly LGBTQ man to serve as Mayor of College Park.

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