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Matamoros kidnapping Photos: 4 US Citizens Were Kidnapped By Gunmen In Mexico



Matamoros kidnapping Photos

Earlier on Friday, four American citizens were kidnapped mistakenly by unidentified Mexican gunmen. According to the records, four Americans were reportedly clean with no records of violations.

The report suggests that the four citizens were traveling to the border of the city for medical purposes. Meanwhile, the Mexicans suspected the four Americans as Haitian drug smugglers. According to officials, the Mexican drug cartel mistook the Americans as their enemies.

Matamoros Kidnapping Incident Photos

The undisclosed four Americans were traveling in a North Carolina-registered vehicle until they crashed the vehicle after they were fired upon by unknown Mexican drug smugglers.

In the wake of the incident, a video has ‌surfaced on the internet suggesting one of the citizens might have been injured during the shootout. Although since the kidnapping, no negotiations or information regarding the four victims is unknown.

Matamoros Kidnapping Incident Photos

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In the video, the unidentified cartel members can be seen dragging the bodies of the victims and loading them up in their white pickup trucks. In addition, it is unclear whether they are still alive or not.

It is truly unfortunate for innocent citizens to meddle in ‌cross-gun fire between two cartels. Moreover, ‌investigators believed that the Americans accidentally crashed another vehicle due to the fire outbursts, which could have injured the passengers.

The reason ‌‌Americans travel to the dangerous part of Mexico is due ‌to “medical tourism”. It is believed that the cost of medical assistance is much cheaper than the hospitals in the state. It is presumed that unapproved procedures are performed along the borders and in different parts of Mexico. However, there is a genuine and authentic source to confirm that.

The Growing Issue of Kidnapping in Mexico

Ken Salazar has addressed Mexico regarding ‌concerns about the safety of its citizens. He said that it is a crucial role of the government to save the lives of those innocent people. He added to the statement with grief to acknowledge the loss of an innocent victim from Mexico who was unfortunate to die in the shootout.

Matamoros kidnapping Photos-Kidnap Mexico

Tabloids confirm that several U.S. agencies have been working closely with the Mexican government to retrieve the kidnapped U.S. citizens. So far, no information has been updated. Currently, an investigation has been going on to find the real motive and culprits behind the notorious shootout.

The responsibility of locating the missing victims has been given to ‌officials in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas. ‌Attorney General, Irving Barrios Mojica told ‌a news outlet that communication has been structured between the state and the federal unit to investigate the sudden criminal occurrence. It is presumed that two incidents have happened during the past week.

He also addressed the bitter fact of leading to dead ends due to the unavailability of the details of the kidnappers. To speed up the investigation, the authorities behind the investigation have offered around $50,000 for ‌information that led to the arrest of the kidnappers.

as of now, the forces of different agencies have been closely worming and monitoring the situation closely to find out any leads. Since there has been no lead, the investigation is put on hold for further fresh developments in the case.

In the wake of the incident, ‌officials have requested ‌parents to home-school their children until the situation in the state is relieved. 

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Violence in the Mexican city of Matamoros has been severe as drug traffickers never leave out the bodies of their victims. Moreover, the media also does not record the incident citing safety concerns for themselves and their families. Often many cases are left unsolved due to a lack of evidence from the crime scenes.

The ‌City state of Matamoros has been dreadful to live in due to the dominance of the drug cartel. The situation in the state is so bad that a shootout could happen anywhere at any place, and instead of killing each other, several innocent victims also paid for the blood bath.

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