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Pete Davidson Car Accident: Pete Davidson And Chase Sui Wonders Crashed Into A House



Pete Davidson Car Accident Pete Davidson And Chase Sui Wonders Crashed Into A House

Comedian and actor Pete Michael Davidson and his current girlfriend, actress Chase Charmayne Sui Wonders, were reportedly involved in a Beverly Hills car crash. 

As per the reports from authorities, the accident happened on Saturday evening in Beverly Hills, California. The new celebrity couple was together at the time of the crash, and it stated that the car ran over a fire hydrant after losing control due to high speed.  

Pete Davidson Car Accident: Rash Driving?

From the top online forums that reported the accident first, it notified that the comedian was the one behind the steering wheel, although it still remains unclear. Cops believe that Pete Davidson drove the Mercedes at high speed, lost control of the car, and jumped over a curb. The motorcar hit a fire hydrant and seemed to have skidded over the front lawn of a residence. Later, it slammed into the corner of the house, causing slight damage to its exterior. 

Pete Davidson Car Accident Rash Driving

The car crash has caused severe damage to city property and even a private residence. As of the current reports, the authorities state that the accident has not driven by alcohol or drug consumption. Also, no one was declared injured from the rash car crash. No further updates on the car crash are released, and the investigation of the case is proceeding.

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According to the sources, it states that the accident happened hours after the actor attended the Kids’ Choice Awards in LA on the same evening. 

The 29-year-old comedian Pete Davidson was driving the car at around 11 pm at high speed alongside his girlfriend, Chase Sui Wonders. From the photos released by the authorities, the Mercedes seems to have faced severe damage following the crash. The hood, windshield, and bumper of the motorcar were smashed and shattered from the intensity of the car crash.  

Earlier the same day, the duo was spotted together on the beaches of Hawaii prior to their flight to LA to attend the ceremony. The couple was photographed together in each other’s arms as they devoured some quality time before returning to Los Angeles. The couple was spotted enjoying their winter break in Hawaii and captured together earlier this month. 

Pete Davidson And Chase Sui Wonders – Relationship

Pete Davidson was spotted together with his Bodies Bodies Bodies costar, Chase Sui Wonders, after his split from Emily Ratajkowski. The duo was photographed in early 2022 and even caught kissing at a restaurant. Although the couple seemed close, some sources close to the duo state that they have been hanging out and having fun a lot, but they don’t seem to have planned a long-term relationship. 

Later, at the beginning of 2023, the duo was spotted again holding hands and kissing while strolling at Universal Studios Hollywood in Los Angeles. The couple fueled their dating rumors by publicly displaying their love on their trip to the theme park. They got snapped having passionate kisses at different places at the theme park.  And this confirmed that the co-stars have some kind of love connection that they couldn’t resist for a long time. 

Pete Davidson Car Accident - Chase Sui Wonders

Weeks later, the couple got photographed together swimming and kissing passionately at some beach in Hawaii. The couple was spotted at different locations sharing passionate kisses and even seemed so close to each other. But since the comedian is known for his past relationships, we can’t conclude whether the couple will take this relationship to the next level or just hang up on each other as most hot couples do nowadays. 

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From the records released by the cops, the 26-year-old actress was also present at the time of the accident. And until now, it is still doubtful who was behind the steering wheel during the car crash. According to Lt. Christopher Coulter of the Beverly Hills police, the officials reported the car crash at 11 pm, and The King of Staten Island star was in the car. The representatives for both celebrities haven’t responded to the media about the car crash. 

Presently, the car crash got reported by the police, and they filed a case for city property damage. Any further updates on the car crash will be out soon after the investigation by Beverly Hills police. 

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