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Where Is Tony Farmer Now, What Actually Happened? Arrest And Charge



Where Is Tony Farmer Now What Actually Happened Arrest And Charge

Tony Farmer was once regarded as a talented kid who had a potential basketball career in the NBA and ruined his career for his unlawful act of kidnapping and assaulting her former girlfriend. Tony Farmer was in the eyes of ‌recruiters in 2013 and was a potential prospect for the NBA a year later. But his NBA career was hindered after he pleaded guilty to his charges.

It is unfortunate that he could never manage to start his career to the expectations the coaches and fans made when he was in his high school years. After a promising year at junior high school at the age of 17. He was accused of kidnapping and assaulting his former girlfriend in 2012. His charges were enclosed with clear video footage as evidence.

What Happened To Tony Farmer?

In the footage he can be seen assaulting his then-girlfriend Andrea Lane. he was charged with kidnapping, robbery, and battery of his former girlfriend. As a result, the court sentenced him to jail for three years. While hearing the sentence, he collapsed ‌inside the court and it became a public meme where people laughed at him while circulating through social media.

Where Is Tony Farmer Now, What Actually Happened?

He had several friends and family to defend him, but the footage clearly depicts the unlawful act that sent him to prison. Accurately, a moment before passing out, he might have seen his basketball career vanishing right in front of his eyes. As a teenager, it was a tough pill to swallow. But he was guilty, so the court had to sentence him to jail to make him a better person and a citizen with no potential threat to the citizens.

Where Is Tony Farmer Now?

In 2015, he came out of his prison and signed with Lincoln College in the hope of admission. But he was denied. In order to chase the team he needed to play and he earned a spot on the Lee College team, where he displayed some breathtaking performances. But unfortunately, he was not picked up for the 2017 NBL Draft.

Where Is Tony Farmer Now? What Actually Happened?

During the 2018-19 season, he played for the Washington-based Yakima SunKings. He played only two games for the team before; they waivered him ‌the following year. His talent gets noticed in the Middle East. He was recruited for Al Rayyan, which competes in the Qatari Basketball league. He had an impressive season there where he played in 16 games.

Although he was in Qatar for a season. He was then signed by Halcones de Ciudad Obregón 2020, a Mexican team. But this time the league was suspended due to covid. He was inactive and resting during the Covid outbreak.

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Who Is Nikki Mano? What Did Tony Farmer Do To Her?

At this stage, he was re-establishing his career as he was improving the game until it was again blown back by another sexual assault from his ex-girlfriend, Nikki Mano. Then, Nikki posted a video where Tony Farmer could be seen grabbing her throat and dragging her inside ‌her house. Despite her accusations, Farmer countered that he was trying to get her back to the house as she was hitting and throwing bleach all over him.

Where Is Tony Farmer Now? What Actually Happened? Arrest And Charge

He even accused her that she threatened to douse her with bleach as she was carrying a plastic bottle in her hand. This time he assured them that he was not intending any harm to her other than defending himself from her retaliation.

It appears that since his return from prison. He has had some legal troubles, but not to the extent he was before. Reports suggest that he is trying to be a better person. Moreover, the legal issues don’t seem to be affecting his career as he has returned again to the Mexican side after spending a year at Pichincha de Potosí and Riachuelo de La Rioja, a Bolivian and Argentinean side, respectively.

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