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Andie Rosafort Photos: Accused Sex Groomer Andie Rosafort Seen At Her Connecticut Home



Andie Rosafort photos Accused Sex Groomer Andie Rosafort Seen At Her Connecticut Home

Andie Rosafort, a high school cafeteria employee who is married and goes by the name “Lunchlady” has been accused of sexually assaulting a young boy from their freshman year at New Fairfield High School.

Ever since the incident, Andie Rosafort has been charged with second-degree sexual assault, engaging in sexual activity with a minor, impairing the morals of the children, or risk of injury to a minor.

Andie Rosafort Photos: Accused Sex Groomer Spotted Outside Her New Fairfield Home

According to reports, Andie Rosafort turned herself in after the notice of arrest warrant was put out by the police. However, she was released on bail after she paid $100,000. Her next hearing is supposed to be on ‌March 23.

She was recently spotted outside her Connecticut home, as she was ejecting from her SUV. Andie was seen lugging a blue Walmart back, and on the other hand, she was holding her phone and a pack of Marlboro cigarettes while lashing the door of her SUV.

Andie Rosafort photos

The media outlets have captured her outside her New Fairfield home. She was wearing a green sweatshirt, and a pair of blue jeans finished with Adidas sneakers. 

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The Staggering Accusations Made Against Andie Rosafort

The relationship between Andie Rosafort and the victim began months before she allegedly sexually assaulted the minor. Reports suggest that Rosafort started sending messages to the minor when he was in 8 grade in 2022.

Accused Sex Groomer Andie Rosafort

Upon apprehension of her cellphone, it indicates that Andie offered herself nude pictures and videos to the minor victim. In addition, she also asked for a picture of “his penis”. It is believed that the suspect and victim communicated for six months until she forced herself upon him.

The ongoing incident came to light when Andie Rosafort sexually assaulted the minor in her SUV. It happened the boy was leaving a party to pack his outfits for his next day’s trip with family, only to return after some time. On the same night on January 14, Andie Rosafort also asked the 14-year-old to meet up for “sex”

While he was leaving the gathering Andie Rosafort was waiting on the other side of the residence in her parked SUV. The victim revealed that she initiated the sexual encounter in the car and that he exited the SUV as he began to feel weird about the encounter. 

Upon returning to the gathering, his friends noticed that the victim was behaving oddly after the return. After feeling guilty about the encounter with the Lunchlady, Victim eventually confessed the incident to his father. His father immediately filed a lawsuit against Andie Rosafort.

The authorities have not revealed the name of the victim citing his struggle to overcome the sexual encounter. 

However, Rosafort ‌immediately cooperated with officials as soon as she learned that an arrest warrant had been placed on her. Reports suggest that her cooperation has led the court to release her on bail as further hearings are pending in late March.

Investigators also found nude pictures and videos of Rosafort attempting to seduce the 14-year-old boy. Moreover, Andie Rosafort reportedly recorded‌ videos of the athlete performing in his game to appreciate his effort. It is believed that the attempt at seduction went on for months.

Andie Rosafort Accusations: Public Response

The public has given mixed responses regarding the case as some of them view it as a favor she did him where as others are concerned for the mental health of the boy for which she has put him in agony. As far as the public is concerned, this incident may not approach for the same for everyone. 

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When putting on the victim’s shoes, it is clear that the boy was confused about what to do until she crossed the limit which made him feel disgusted and left the vehicle. When considering the victim’s age and how he was parented, it is evident that he has undergone severe stress regarding the entire encounter from Snapchat to SUV.

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