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Genevieve Tetpon Murder Controversies: Where Is Her Murderer Derrick Torian Now?



Genevieve Tetpon Murder Controversies Where Is Derrick Torian Now

Genevieve Tetpon was brutally murdered, which stunned the town and left her family in shambles. Her loved ones were left to ponder who was to blame for the untimely passing of their family member for many years because the crime was never solved. Her Murderer

Yet, in 2016, fresh evidence emerged, which led to the arrest and conviction of Derrick Torian, a guy who had been a suspect in the case for a very long time. However, what became of him following the conclusion of the trial?

Genevieve Tetpon Murder Case

Genevieve Tetpon was a local woman from Anchorage, Alaska, and she was 29 years old. She has not been seen or heard from since March of 2006, and her family has filed a missing person complaint with the police.

A few days later, her body was discovered in the woods close to the Glenn Highway where she had been murdered. She had sustained many gunshot wounds.

The investigation into her murder was thorough, and the police questioned a number of potential suspects, one of them being Derrick Torian.

Unfortunately, they were never able to collect sufficient evidence to make an arrest, and as a result, the investigation was shelved for a number of years.

New Evidence Leads To an Arrest

In 2016, investigators discovered a potential lead in the investigation. The new information that connected Derrick Torian to the murder was provided by a witness who came forward.

While Torian was being held in custody on a charge unrelated to the murder, the witness stated that Torian had confessed to the crime.

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The combination of this information and the Genetic evidence that was discovered on Tetpon’s body was sufficient for the authorities to make an arrest.

In 2018, Torian was tried for first-degree murder and received a sentence of 99 years in jail after being found guilty. His conviction allowed Tetpon’s family to move on with their lives and provided justice for her murder.

What Happened to Derrick Torian?

Torian has been serving his time at the Spring Creek Correctional Facility in Seward, Alaska ever since he was found guilty and sentenced there.

It has been determined by the Alaska Department of Prisons that he will not be eligible for release until the year 2105. This implies that he will spend the entirety of his life behind bars.

The terrible circumstances surrounding the death of Genevieve Tetpon rocked the Anchorage community to its core. Tetpon’s family was able to move on with their lives after Derrick Torian’s apprehension and conviction, which occurred after a period of ten years of waiting for justice to be carried out.

Genevieve Tetpon’s family can take some comfort in the fact that her murderer has been brought to justice, despite the fact that Torian will spend the rest of his life incarcerated and the memory of Genevieve Tetpon will endure even after he is gone.

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