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Thomas Valva Murder: Angela Pollina Was Found Guilty Of Murder In Thomas Valva Death



Thomas Valva Murder Angela Pollina Was Found Guilty Of Murder In Thomas Valva Death

Thomas Valva, an eight-year-old boy was frozen to death in a garage. The autopsy shows that the young boy was subjected to low temperatures as well as he was restricted from using the washroom as well as food. The boy died of hypothermia and multiple organ failures.

The court has found stepmother Angela Pollina guilty on all counts of charges for her role in the death of Thomas Valva, who was forced to endure the extreme temperatures despite the boy’s autism.

Thomas Valva Murder: What Is The Truth

Despite Polina’s lawyer’s attempts to argue that it was not her intention to freeze to death as she was not aware of the freezing temperatures in the garage, Jury believes that it was only the evil personality of Angela that the eight-year boy was frozen to death. The jury found that she had a cold heart toward kids.

Thomas Valva Murder-Angela Pollina

Prosecutor Keriann Kelly refused to believe when Polina claimed to cover the story by painting her as a good person. Kelly stated that no 911 calls were made regarding the death of the child. Pollina pushed the dark clouds against ex-fiance Michael Valva. She claimed that it was Michael who banished the children into the garage, as it was never her intention. Moreover, she also disclosed that it was Michael who put the kid into a warm tub causing hypothermia.

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Kelly ruled out the statements referring to a concocted story, as there was no bath present at the crime scene. She added that both Valva and Pollina were equally responsible for the deaths. As well they tortured Thomas and his brother both suffering from autism and indicated no empathy until it was too late.

Pollina also admitted that she erased the text messages and surveillance videos of the children suffering in the freezing temperatures at the commands of Michael Valva. But, officers were quick and lucky enough to retrieve enough audio and visuals from the backup to use against Pollina herself, before it gets completely wiped out from the system. 

She tried to cover the murder by claiming that Thomas was alert and fine when she checked up on her, as well she didn’t find any danger in him as she was not a doctor. The Jury refused to believe her as she continued.

Thomas Valva Murder – Conviction Of Angela Pollina

Pollina’s conviction came after Michael Valva was convicted of the murder of his 8-year-old boy last year. He was sentenced to 25 years. 

Thomas Valva Murder-Angela Pollina-Michael Valva

Pollina admitted that she only realized after their deaths that she was ultimately responsible for forcing them to sleep in the garage as well as refusing all the comforts for the children due to their bed-wetting issues.

She added that she was helpless when they didn’t open their eyes. It is believed that the autism spectrum boys were tortured by not providing them with food and comfort. Prosecutors claimed that the children were subjected to harassment and verbal abuse. 

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Witnesses accused Pollina of treating the children in torment. They were accused of mocking a child with autism. Moreover, one of the teachers claimed that Thomas was not allowed in the house and used the bathroom often. Pollina is also accused of raising a voice at the eight-year-old boy.

The jury found that it was her evil character that resulted in the death of the child. The court ensures that the convicted will be sentenced maximum to further avoid these kinds of tragedies. to ever again happen in Suffolk country.

She is currently facing 25 years in prison same as ‌Michael. Her trial is pending as it is scheduled for April 11. It is believed that Pollina will be convicted of the charges and will be sentenced to 25 years.

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