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Is Murdaugh Crime Scene Photos Released? Crime Scene Photos Shown



Are Murdaugh Crime Scene Photos Released Crime Scene Photos Shown

All the crime scene photos of the brutal death of Paul and his mother Maggie were presented during the second testimonial at the murder trial in Colleton Count. All the evidence was included and shown to the jury.

Prosecutors accused Alex as a possible suspect for the murder of his wife and son, to gain sympathy for the dwelling career as he has been already accused of multiple financial crimes.

The Suspect Alex Murdaugh

Alex Murdaugh claimed that he was visiting his mother at the time of the murder, and he only found the body lying near the kennel after driving back to the estate at 10.07 pm. In the footage, a sobbing Alex can be heard yelling to law enforcement that he “tried to turn over” the bodies as well as that he checked pulses on them. In addition, he claimed that Paul’s phone fell from his pocket when he tried to move it and that he handled that carefully.

Is Murdaugh Crime Scene Photos Released?

Although, one of the videos recorded on Paul’s cellphone shows that Alex was there at the murder site along with the family.

The video was recorded because Rogan Gibson, a close friend of Murdaugh, asked for a video of his dog, Cash, who was being cared for by Paul in their dog kennel. Gibson confirmed that Alex’s voice can be heard in the video.

In the video, Paul and Maggie can be seen caressing Cash and other dogs in the kennel

Gibson claimed that, despite Paul’s promise to send the video, he never received it; neither a text nor did he answer the call. This indicates that Paul’s phone went silent forever after the video

Forensic Analyst Melinda Worley

The photos of the crime scenes were introduced by ‌forensic analyst Melinda Worley, who testified in court.

The photos include the bodies of Paul and Maggie lying face down in the pool of blood in the dog kennel area of the estate. Ms. Wrley testified that she arrived at the crime scene around midnight after the emergency call. She found the body of Maggie covered by a tent.

Is Murdaugh Crime Scene Photos Released? Crime Scene

In addition, 12 shotguns were retrieved from his property, unloading the weapon; 16 gauge shotgun cartridges were found in the magazine.

In the photos, several pellets of the bullets have been covered in the floor, as Paul was shot twice from a shotgun, while his mother was shot around five times with an assault rifle. Paul’s skull was exploited from the shot as a part of the skull was also lying on the floor along with his brain, blood, and hair. She also identified the show prints, which appear to be Maggie’s and Paul’s.

In the footage, Alex can be seen wearing a clean white shirt and trousers. At the time he claimed that he went near the bodies and touched them at first sight. Despite the pool of blood, Alex was not stained in blood. As he mentioned earlier, despite his touching the bloody body, he was seen in a fully cleaned white t-shirt. This made Prosecutors believe that Alex was hiding something

One of the windows in the feed room can be seen shot with a hole. Investigators believe that it could be a shot taken at Paul when he was in the feed room, as Paul’s body was lying near the feed room, a short distance away from her mother’s body.

Is Murdaugh Crime Scene Photos Released? Crime Scene Photos Shown

Ever since the wake of the murder, Alex has been accused of being the killer. He was also charged with multiple financial crimes. In addition, he attempted to kill himself so that his first child Buster could claim the insurance money. 

As the case is still going on, it is unclear where it is headed. Only ‌time can tell if the court can find the real killer.

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