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Who Is Sayfullo Saipov? The NYC Bike Path Killer



Who Is Sayfullo Saipov The NYC Bike Path Killer

Sayfullo Saipov madly killed eight people on the bike path after he functioned a speeding truck on a rampage killing back in 2017. The families of the victims were fueled with rage and demanded his execution. During the court hearings, prosecutors were adamant about bringing justice to the families. In accordance, prosecutors leveled the severity of the charges on the accused as maniac and brutal.

Who Is Sayfullo Saipov? Attempted Act Of Terrorism?

The jury convicted Sayfullo Saipov of 28 counts of charges including terrorist-related charges as well as murder. The jury assured that the accused would face a lifetime in prison. But when prosecutors were the subject of execution, jurors didn’t hesitate to look out for it.

Sayfullo Saipov

In response, Sayfullo Saipov’s lawyers did not deny that he killed them. The prosecutors further added that Saipov tried to ram against a 6,000-pound vehicle as much as he could, and he was spotted shouting “God is Great” before he was brought down by the officers.

Sayfullo Saipov was sentenced to jail straight after his maniac rampage killing, while he was waiting ‌‌for his trial. To end the biased opinions, Jurors had a split among the candidates as they could not agree on whether to serve capital punishment or not.

Sayfullo Saipov’s lawyers cooperated with the law agreeing that he carried out the deadly act and asked the court and jury to spare his life as he believed it was not necessary to kill him. The lawyers assured him that he would find remorse. 

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The lawyer presented Sayfullo Saipov as a loner who was troubled mentally. They added that he was manipulated by the wrong intentions of Islamic propaganda after watching videos of violent martyrdom. It is presumed that Sayfullo Saipov was triggered by these misleading videos of ISIS and planned the attack for several weeks.

The jury believed that Saiopove felt remorse and was moved by the testimony from his family. His reactions were different when he was listening to the testimony of victims who were injured by his antics.

Sayfullo Saipov – The Trial And The Sentence

However, since the jury was not able to reach a verdict, it resulted in the rule out of the death sentence for Sayfullo Saipov. This means that the accused gets an immediate life sentence in prison with no chance of hearing parole for the 2017 attack.

Who Is Sayfullo Saipov-Act Of Terrorism

If the jurors responded in favor of sentencing to death, then it could have been one of the rarest and first death penalties in decades. According to reports, in New York, the last execution was done back in 1963. The death penalty was abolished in the state in 2007.

During the closing arguments at the hearing, Prosecutor called out the jury to hand out the death penalty for the “unremorseful slaughter of innocent civilians. Meanwhile, the defense lawyer argued that his client should die in ‌prison neither as a hero nor as a martyr to anyone.

Sayfullo Saipov was sentenced to life in ‌prison back in 2019. The accused continues to spend the rest of his time in the same after he escapes narrowly from the death sentence, which could have been a first in decades.

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Previously, federal juries sentenced a man to death who killed two police investigators in 2013. But the Judge ruled out the conviction after he found that the killer had a disability. Another time a federal jury opted out of the death penalty was back in 2001. The jury rejected the death penalty for two men who were responsibly accused of deadly bombings at US embassies in Africa. The death penalty was ruled out when ‌lawyers argued in favor of the defendants against making them ‌martyrs for the bombings.

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