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What Happened To Kyle Chrisley? Kyle Chrisley Arrested For Assault In Tennessee?



What Happened To Kyle Chrisley Kyle Chrisley Arrested For Assault In Tennessee

It seems like the fate of the Chrisley family isn’t turning anytime soon. A few years ago, Kyle Chrisley – the star of “Chrisley Knows Best” was arrested for assault on his wife when he lost the custody of his daughter Chloe. Now he got arrested for another assault and this happened in Tennessee at his workplace.

Son of Todd Chrisley, Kyle was booked and jailed for felony and assault in the Rutherford County Jail. He posted a bond of $3,000 after which Kyle was released. His mugshots were released soon and Kyle could be seen wearing a McLane shirt and showing a straight face. This happened soon after Todd Chrisley was arrested for tax evasion and bank fraud and went behind the bars for 12 years. His wife and Kyle’s stepmom are also facing imprisonment for the same reason.

Here Is What Happened To Kyle In Tennessee

Kyle Chrisley is working in Tennessee’s Smyrna at the Penske Truck Rental where he got into a fight with his supervisor and brandished a blade. That’s how the reality TV star aged 32 got into trouble.

What Happened To Kyle Chrisley

The press release explained what happened. The next day, Kyle Chrisley voluntarily came forward to complete the booking formalities that were related to the criminal warrant against him. After that, the authorities informed that Kyle was shifted to the Adult Detention Centre in Rutherford County where his bond was finalized at $3,000.

According to the records released by the public citation, Kyle Chrisley has a hearing on 20th March and the media has been continuously trying to get in touch with Kyle but there is no response.

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Kyle Chrisley has faced a life full of ups and downs, mostly because of his own deeds. But there came a time in Kyle’s life when he was struggling alone. He was struggling to fight drug abuse and was even trying to fight his mental health problem. In 2019, The former reality TV star was hospitalized because he attempted to kill himself. Talking about this incident in one of the podcast episodes by Todd Chrisley, Kyle spoke about the kind of headspace he was in.

Kyle said that he takes medicines and they cause bad side effects. There came a point where he tried to attempt suicide. Explaining how his daughter Chloe was living with Todd and his stepmom when he was suffering from mental issues and addiction, Kyle said that Chloe has two dads.

When this podcast was released, Julie and Todd were going through personal struggles. They were charged with wire fraud, bank fraud, tax evasion, and several conspiracy counts. After 3 years, the couple was convicted by the bank of fraud. They went to prison in November (2022).

After Todd and Julie’s sentences were declared, Kyle shared a verse from Bible regarding withholding judgment. There he wanted to convey that people shouldn’t judge each other and how they see the problem in other people but not within themselves.

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Now that nobody from the Chrisley family seems to take care of themselves, what would happen to Chloe that Kyle had with his ex; Angela (also in jail for filing fake documents)?

The custody battle that has been going on for years has finally come to an end. Kyle’s sister Savannah Chrisley has got custody of his daughter Chloe. The sober sister is also taking care of Todd’s youngest son Grayson. Although there are plenty of struggles, the life that Savannah gives these kids would be still better than how Kyle can nurture Chloe and Grayson.

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