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Irvo Otieno Death: 7 Sheriff Deputies Charged For The Death At Virginia Mental Hospital



Irvo Otieno Death 7 Sheriff Deputies Charged For The Death At Virginia Mental Hospital

A week after the demise of Irvo Otieno, seven deputy officers of the Henrico Sheriff’s Office have been accused and charged with second-degree murder for the brutal violence laid on Irvo Otieno on March 6.

Irvo Otieno Death: What Happened? Who Are The 7 Sheriff Deputies Charged?

The seven deputies who are reportedly indicted for the death of Irvo Otieno are Randy Joseph Boyer 57, Dwayne Alan Bramble 37, Jermaine Lavar Branch 45, Bradley Thomas Disse 43, Brandon Edwards Rodgers 48, Kaiyell Dajour Sanders 30, Tabitha Renee Levere, 50. Most of these deputies were from Henrico Sheriff’s Office, while two of them were from Sandston and North Chesterfield.

Irvo Otieno Death

All these officers have been suspended under “administrative leave” until the ongoing case proceeds.

The accused has been ordered to appear in court for ‌a hearing before a grand jury on March 21. Prior to that, they were scheduled to appear for an appointed counsel hearing in the court on Wednesday. The department as well as prosecutors have released a statement from the hearing.

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Dinwiddie County prosecutor, Ann Cabell Baskervill, cited in the court that the victim was held down to the ground for around 12 minutes by the seven deputy officers. Moreover, she added that the video footage displayed how Irvo Otieno “had suffocated from the weight of the seven deputies smothered him.”

Meanwhile one of the defense lawyers representing the accused has claimed that the victim was very physically aggressive and had a history of mental struggles, due to which the police officials struggled to restrain him from getting out of control.

In support of the accused, the deputy department has sworn to stand with seven deputies despite the backlash. The department also cited the tragic loss of the family.

Irvo Otieno Death: Explanations

According to reports, Irvo Otieno was detained in custody after he ‌assaulted police officers at Parham Doctors Hospital after the Henrico County deputies responded to an emergency alert.

The department officially released a statement citing that the officers placed an “emergency custody order” on him, which means that Otieno was detained under the orders used in cases of mental illness. They further added that Ivro Otieno physically attacked the officers and in response, they arrested him and put him in a local jail.

The incident occurred when Otieno was taken to the hospital where he became physically aggressive toward the officers. While detained his mother requested the police not to take harsh measures on him due to his mental health. The police immediately charged him with several counts and transferred him to ‌jail.

Upon there, the officers revealed that he died during the intake process at the hospital. Although it is unclear why he was transferred to Henrico County Jail West from the local Jail despite his poor mental health.

The family attorney Mark Kurdys is convinced by the family that the victim died after he was deprived of medication while suffering in jail. He believes that Irvo Onteino died from a lack of oxygen and asphyxiation. Although, his death has not been confirmed by the medical examiner.

In a public statement, Mark Krudys stated that “The Family is truly grief-stricken after learning of the brutal nature of Ivro’s death and his inhumane treatment in ‌hours preceding his death. The public, and experienced mental health professionals alike, will be appalled when the facts of this case are made fully known.”

It is unfortunate how the African-American citizens were frequently mishandled by the officers by brutal force even though, in the case of offenders’ surrenders. Many times the public has noted down the ways police officers treat a native American and an immigrant American.

In this case, it is depressing to learn that the adult was mentally distressed when he was taken by the force. However, the court will soon reach a verdict regarding the seven accused police officers.

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