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Alejandra Ruiz Zarco: Mother Of Soldier Ana Basaldua Ruiz, Who Killed In Fort Hood



Alejandra Ruiz Zarco Mother Of Soldier Ana Basaldua Ruiz, Who Killed In Fort Hood

Private Ana Fernanda Basaldua Ruiz, a young official in her 20s, died on March 13 at the Fort Hood military base in Texas. She passed away while serving as the combat engineer in the 1st Cavalry Division. 

Since Ruiz’s death is not the only case reported in the Fort Hood base for the first time and similar claims still exist in the past unresolved, it has become a matter of discussion among the public. As people get more aware of the situation inside the military base, things are going out of the hand of the authorities.

Who is Alejandra Ruiz Zarco?

Ana Basaldua Ruiz’s Mother, Alejandra Ruiz Zarco, is a woman fighting for justice for her daughter, who was reported dead after suffering harassment from the army base. After the death of Ruiz, Zarco has come forward with claims proving that her daughter’s death has something to do with the superiors present at the military base. Here’s all you need to know about Ana Basaldua Ruiz’s Mother, Alejandra Ruiz Zarco.

Ana Basaldua Ruiz Mother-Alejandra Ruiz Zarco

Zarco, the mother of the late Private Ana Fernanda Basaldua Ruiz, has become the voice for her daughter after her sudden demise at the early age of 20. 

Days before her death, Ana revealed to her mother that she was facing harassment at the military base. Although she made it clear that she was not having a good time over there, Ana couldn’t open up to her mother about her struggles at the camp, which made her uncomfortable.

But Zarco was sure that once Ruiz was back home, they both could open up about everything she faced and find a solution together. But things never ended well, as expected by the mother.

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Now, all that she(Zarco) has is the deceased body of her daughter, who couldn’t open up to the world about her struggles. Also, if she was alive, she could have revealed to the world the miseries women faced in the US army camps.

As the investigation into the young officer’s death proceeds, Ruiz’s parents reveal many new details regarding her struggles in the camp. They claim that, while alive, their daughter feared opening up all these to someone. And now she was being killed without getting a chance to convey all these, at least to her mother.   

Ana Basaldua Ruiz – Reason Behind Her Sudden Demise

Although it’s been days, the authorities still couldn’t reach a conclusion on the death of the combat engineer in the 1st Cavalry Division, Private Ana Fernanda Basaldua Ruiz. 

Soldier Ana Basaldua Ruiz, Who Killed In Fort Hood

The parents of the young official came out after knowing what happened to their daughter inside the camp. Zarco claims that Ruiz has experienced sexual harassment from her colleagues and superiors for the past few weeks before her death.

Not only her mother but even her father, Baldo Basaldua, who resides in California, claim that Ruiz has experienced harassment which could have led to her sudden demise.

During her last call to her father on Saturday, Ruiz stated that she was no longer comfortable staying at the camp and that her whole life was wrong. She even said she wished to end her life after facing all the harassment. 

Ana, who chose her career in the US Army, always made her proud. But when it came to opening up about her struggles, she couldn’t reveal everything to them before her death. All her mother knew was that Ruiz was constantly harassed by her Army superior and received constant sexual advances from fellow soldiers. Ruiz even informed her mother that everyone in the camp wanted her to sleep with them. 

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Zarco even remembers that while calling on March 8, Ruiz expressed how sad she was and many tough things were happening at the time. She couldn’t open up much, and all that Ruiz wished was to return home and be with her mother.

Even Zarco was sure that all of Ruiz’s problems would end when she returned from the camp. But they were not expecting news of her demise when only a few months were left for Ruiz to complete her three years contract.  

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