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Alexis Joy Sather Arrest: Florida Women Arrested For Murder



Alexis Joy Sather Arrest Florida Women Arrested For Murder

On October 2022, Alexis Joy Sather was arrested for illegally disturbing drugs that led to the death of Amanda Roberts due to Overdose.

In America, drug-related deaths are rapidly increasing day by day. The past five years’ data shows that ‌106,699 substance overdose deaths were reported in the country. In 2021, 98,268 preventable deaths occurred in the country. The deaths due to these substances keep getting higher and higher. Some of these deaths are due to overdosing on these substances. Overdose deaths have significantly increased to around 50,000 since 2015.

Drugs are widely available in the country in different forms. The peddlers roam around the streets in disguise as they sell a range of substances to customers. Distributors use different techniques to sell these drugs without a prescription in couriered goods, vessels, hidden compartments, and among others. 

In the case of unprescribed distribution, ‌users are not informed about how to use the drugs. This causes some to overdose without their knowledge and suffer the consequences.

What Happened To Amanda Roberts?

Amanda Roberts was found dead by ‌Monroe County sheriff’s deputies at her house on September 2, 2022, in Grass Key, Marathon, Florida. Forensic reports show that the woman overdosed. Her body was found unresponsive first by his boyfriend, Joshua Cochran, who was notified by Amanda’s boss when she did not show up for work.

Alexis Joy Sather Arrest

Upon ‌finding her unresponsive, he figured that she might have overdosed due to her past struggle with heroin addiction. He immediately called 911 and registered a dose of Narcan and performed CPR. Unfortunately, it was too late.

Later, they stated that Amanda’s cause of death was an overdose of the anti-anxiety medication diazepam and fentanyl.

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Where Did Amanda Roberts Get Those Drugs From?

Upon investigation, police found a peddler named Alexis Joy Sather who was only 21 years old related to the death of Amanda Roberts. According to Amanda’s phone records, CashApp transactions show that Amanda paid Sather $8,339 for the drugs over a 13-month period. All the transactions were labeled as for groceries.

On the day of her death, a $150 transaction was categorized as help around the house on Sather’s phone to avoid suspicion. But her regular selling of drugs raised the suspicion of the officers. In addition, Sather’s phone records show she attempted to reach Amanda Roberts multiple times after a call from one of her friends.

Furthermore, her search history confirmed their suspicion, as she ran over more than 100 searches over the keywords, “Amanda Roberts”, “Amanda Blair Roberts”, and others regarding her cause of death and others

The officers found that Amanda and Sayer formed drug-transaction relationships over the month. They lived a mile away from each other, which made them easier to hand over the drugs.

How Did The Officer Arrest Alexis Joy Sather?

When the officers arrested Alexis Joy Sather, she was already charged with possession of fentanyl and was in county jail. This made their job easier to further increase the count of charges.

Alexis Joy Sather Arrest: Florida Women Arrested For Murder

During the court hearings Sather’s attorney, Hal Schuhmacher declined to comment on the case. On the other hand, Monroe County State Attorney Joseph Manfield was seeking a first-degree murder charge against Sather and two other charges for separate fentanyl fatal overdoses, as Mansfield could only charge her with second-degree murder.

In the wake of her death, Monroe County Sheriff Rick Ramsay released a statement with a clear message to the dealers to stop selling the drugs in the community as it is deadly and fatal. He assured that murder charges would be pursued against the distributors if someone dies from taking the drugs from dealers.

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