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What Happened To Mekbul? What Was The Cause Of Jeff Timber’s Son’s Death?



What Happened To Mekbul What Was The Cause Of Jeff Timber’s Son's Death

The adopted son of the Lincoln Project’s senior advisor, Mekbul trimmer passed away. It has been a few months since the Ethiopian-born adopted by Jeff Timmer and Mattie Timmer, left his Trimmer family. It is sad to hear that kid passed away at such a young age.

His demise came to the light after the official handle of The Lincoln Project’s Twitter, where his father – Jeff Timmer serves as a senior consultant, announced the tragic news of his employee’s youngest son’s death.

According to reports, the cause of the death has not been officially disclosed by any of the family or friends.

Though speculations have been circulating his wake death as the Ethiopian-born kid met in an accident. However, no evidence can be seen supporting those statements to believe so.

It is believed that the happy stem of the timmer family passed away before his 19th birthday on March 6, 2022. The memorial service for the adopted kid was performed at Deacon Don Sobolewski on March 2022.

Her family mourned over the demise of his joyous life even though the young enthusiastic kid was with the timmer family for a short span of years.

He had a huge welcoming family, them includes his sisters Maggie, Grace, Mary, and his brother Joe.

Who Was Mekbul? How He Became An Orphan?

At 18 years, Mekbul was a senior at portland high school and an excellent soccer player, he also excelled at English and Mathematics with grade A. He received positive criticism from his mentors throughout his school days.

Mekbul trimmer passed away

Prior to dashing into the Timmer family. Mekbul was born in Ethiopia on April 27, 2003, to Zeynaba Tesfaye. His biological mother passed away when he was only 6 years old.

He struggled with the demise of her mother for the next few years with his loving grandmother, who is a teacher.

Unfortunately, as he gradually moved on his grandmother also passed away leaving the innocent soul alone.

Before he was enrolled in an orphanage named AHOPE for children, he was assured to have his daily bread and sound sleep by his neighbor and a family friend.

Within a few months in the orphanage, his glittering eye was caught by the Timmer family, who fell in love with the boy at first sight and adopted Mekbul without any second thoughts.

At the time the 11-year-old boy was excited to meet his new foster parents. It is reported by the family that the entire adoption process was smooth as his integration was effortless to become part of the Timmer Family.

In the wake of his demise, a lot of tweets were pondered with love for the Timmer family. Both from his family and friends of the Timmers.

His mother Mattie Timmer expressed gratitude to everyone who has sent condolences by thanking them for their effort and time to acknowledge the demise of their youngest son

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Mekbul’s adoptive parents, his father Jeff Timmer is a political consultant and serve as a senior consultant for The lincoln project. He also has expertise in providing consultancy services to multinational companies.

Trade associations and other corporations. He also co-founded the Republicans and Independents for Joe Biden. He also releases his podcast series titled “A Republic, If you can keep it”. The podcast airs on Apple’s platform.

Whereas – her mother Mattie Timmer is a Michigan university graduate who is an expert in handling Public relations and communication matters.

Over the years she had laid over his talent and hard work by managing non-profitable organizations, public affairs, and event planning. Further, she was believed to have little experience working for the government.

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