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James Toliver Craig: Colorado Dentist Accused Of Poisoning Wife To Death



James Toliver Craig Colorado Dentist Accused Of Poisoning Wife To Death

Dr. James “Jim” Toliver Craig, a Colorado Dentist, was charged on Sunday after accusations arose that he poisoned his wife. 

As to the statements released by the Aurora Police Department, the 45-year-old Craig has taken his wife to a hospital on Wednesday after she suffered from severe headaches and dizziness.

They even state that upon reaching the hospital, her health condition rapidly deteriorated, and was put on a ventilator in an Intensive Care Unit.

From time to time, her health condition worsened, and the doctors announced that she was brain dead.

She was taken off life support, and as the doctors got suspicious about her state, they informed the police about the chances of getting poisoned.

After a deep investigation of the case, it was finally determined that the 43-year-old mother of six was poisoned by her husband and dentist, James Toliver Craig. As the case is getting more media coverage, people are growing more and more interested to know more about the lawsuit in detail. 

The article will help you learn more about the doctor who turned a criminal and committed a homicide. Also, you’ll find out the motive behind such a heinous act. 

Who Is James Toliver Craig?

Dr. James “Jim” Toliver Craig, DDS, is a renowned dentist who was popular for his leadership, commitment, and professional excellence until a couple of days ago when he was charged with homicide.

James Toliver Craig

He was the President of Summerbrook Dental Group and was recognized by Continental Who’s Who.

The former trusted dentist had a successful 14 years of career in dentistry. During this period, he acquired quite good fame and a reputation for featuring great professionalism.

He currently practices at the Summerbrook Dental Group in Aurora, CO. He is an expert in general and cosmetic dentistry, and also he is expertise in all the latest technologies, including a 3D microscope, Xguide for dental implants, and the SOLEA laser.

Apart from dentistry, he provides TMJ ultrasounds and sleep medicine treatments. Furthermore, he even teaches dental implant procedures in various centers. 

James completed his undergraduate studies at Brigham Young University. He received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Zoology from the university.

Later, in the year 2006, he achieved his Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree from the University of Missouri Kansas City School of Dentistry.

Likewise, he has completed research for the National Institutes of Health in bone substitutes and composites for about two years.  

The dentist started his career as a professor at the University of Missouri at Kansas City School of Dentistry.

He even founded the International Dental Student program, through which foreign-born dentists who wish to practice in the States can get licensure. 

He was married to Angela Craig for about two decades. She helps him out at the practice, and from their successful married life, the couple shares six children. The family often spends their time together and also goes on trips. 

What Happened To Angela Craig?

On Wednesday, 15 March 2023, Angela was taken to the hospital by her husband, James, after she suffered a severe headache and dizziness.

Her condition got worse upon reaching the hospital, and thus was shifted to a ventilator in an intensive care unit.

But, unfortunately, she couldn’t survive much and was declared brain-dead by the doctors. But, they had suspicions about her sudden illness and health condition which lead to the truth behind her death.

The 43-year-old Angela Craig, a mother of six, was poisoned by her husband who was charged with first-degree murder on Sunday.

The police discovered that Angela’s death was a calculated murder and she started to get symptoms for the past two weeks.

Angela often told her difficulties to all in the family and was examined by the doctors prior to her death.

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But, everyone believed that she was suffering from some sinus infection which could have caused the difficulties.

Everything until her death was clean, and the family never had any doubts. But, later after her death was confirmed, some family members reported that James wasn’t much available for the past couple of weeks.

As some suspicions arose about the husband of the late Angela, things went out of hand for James. Although it’s been days, the doctors haven’t disclosed the poison used in the crime.

Further updates, including the motive behind the crime, will be uncovered after the authorities complete the investigation.  

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