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Maegan Hall Police Officer Photos: The Internet-Breaking Sex Scandal And The Cops Involved



Maegan Hall, the police officer embroiled in a sex scandal, has decided to speak up about the event after keeping quiet. Continue reading to discover what she had to say about it in her response.

The 61-page confession that Hall wrote includes details on everything from “strip Uno” games to foot fetish images and sessions of wife-swapping with rogue law enforcement colleagues.

Maegan Hall Police Officer Photos: Cops Involved In The Sex Scandal

And it hints for the first time that the internal investigation that led to Hall and four others being fired from the police department in La Vergne, Tennessee, which is 20 miles southeast of Nashville, was driven by her various lovers becoming jealous of one another. La Vergne is located in Tennessee.

Maegan Hall Police Officer Photos

After a member of the public came forward in December to claim that Hall, who is 26 years old, was having “intimate connections” with male coworkers at alcoholic parties, hotels, and even on police property, she was subjected to three separate interviews as a result.

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After the scandal-plagued former police chief of the city of La Vergne, Burrell “Chip” Davis, was fired for the lewd sexcapades that occurred under his watch, local officials announced in a news release that the city has begun a search for a new police chief from around the country.

According to the findings of the investigation, Davis not only was aware of the trysts and made jokes about them and exchanged sexual photographs of Hall using a hidden burner phone that he called “Ole Boy.”

Former Police Chief Daniel Hahn has been asked by the city’s authorities to assist in the search for a new chief.

In the release, the Mayor of La Vergne, Jason Cole, stated that “since our police chief position has been open I’ve tasked our HR department with finding a recruiting company to assist us with this nationwide search.” Our HR department has been tasked with finding a recruiting company to assist us with this nationwide search.

Maegan Hall: Allegations & Lawsuit

In her first interview, Maegan Hall rejected most of the allegations made against her; nevertheless, over the course of two more interviews, the married siren gradually admitted the truth about her torrid affairs.

At the initial interview, she only admitted to having sexual relations with the K-9 officer Larry Holladay, who was placed on administrative leave without pay but was able to keep his job since he was truthful with investigators.

“We had intercourse… there were a few times but it was a long time ago,” she anxiously told Andrew Patton, the chief of human resources at the police department at the time. “It was a long time ago.”

Patton told her, “I have confirmation… that you talked about the act, you talked about his size, what it looked like.” She denied the “rumors” that she had a relationship with Sgt. Lewis Powell, but he told her, “I have confirmation.”

Hall responded with “Oh, I’m sorry” when the woman inquired if she had ever participated in a “three-way” conversation with Patrol Officer Patrick Magliocco and his wife Amy. And then she started crying. “A what?”

As a result of the controversy, Hall, Davis, and five other police officers lost their jobs, and three more were suspended.

In the federal civil rights lawsuit that Hall filed against the city, Davis, and two other cops last month, she alleged that she was “sexually groomed” by officers working the all-male late shift. The lawsuit was lodged against the city as the defendant.

Following the allegations that she was duped into having an affair with Sgt. Lewis Powell gave a follow-up interview on television and stated that she was “sexualized” in the small department.

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