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Where Is Maegan Hall Now? What Happened To Infamous Tennessee Cop After The Controversy?



Where Is Maegan Hall Now What Happened To Infamous Tennessee Cop After The Controversy

Magen Hall has been supported by her family and her then-estranged husband to overcome ‌the mental turmoil caused by her co-workers. Months after the break out of the Sexual Scandal Meagen is now suing for an undisclosed amount of money for the damages she endured during that period of time.

Despite the road to divorce, Maegen Hall and Jedidah have been sticking close to each other and trying to work out the problems. The couple is believed to be living together at their home in Manchester.

What Is The Infamous Sex Scandal?

A few months before a whistleblower tipped ‌higher officials about the unnatural sexual scandal going on inside the department. The incident reveals that Maegen Hall was in a sexual relationship with multiple officers of the La Vergne Police Department including the chief. All the involved officers have been suspended until further notice.

Who Is Maegan Hall

Maegen Hall was accused of discussing swapping sessions with officers with their wives as well as claiming to be in an open marriage with her husband, Jedidah who later “was not on board” with her, according to the officers.

The officers disclosed that sexual encounters took place at private parties and during work hours at the station also. They blamed her for stripping down at a private boat party held by Sergeant Eric Staas. Some officers were concerned about her health as she used to drink and acts ‌mentally unstable. It is evident that she was already under ‌pressure for not having a mental conscience on the subject.

Maegen was immediately fired from the job when the officers narrated the ‌incident. During the investigation Hall also admitted to having threesomes with one of her co-workers and his wife. She also confessed that she gave oral sex to some of the officers at the police station and gym.

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What Happened To The Case?

As the investigation concluded, the officers who were involved in the incident were pulled off along with the chief. Former Chief Burrel Davis has been allegedly convicted of “Permitted if not encouraged” during the situation, which is misconduct in the department.

Infamous Tennessee Cop-Maegan Hall

Maegen Hall, with the help of her Attorney Wesley Clark, called out the officials for sexually harassing her. She blamed ‌her stupidity and carelessness for engaging with police ‌officers under the pressure, even when her marriage was on the verge of divorce. She also confessed that she said no to their sexual interests but they wouldn’t take no for an answer and she felt helpless and gave in under the pressure.

Maegen has filed a lawsuit with an unspecified amount for the damages such as emotional distress, reputational damage, fake narration, lost wages, and many others. She added that her videos and photos were sent to her colleagues without her knowledge.

Her attorney claimed that despite being a rookie officer, she was not trained and “instead was sexually exploited as a piece of meat to be exploited by them.”

Hall reminded the department to not endure this kind of harassment by ‌officers inside the department itself.

The chief of the department has been scaled and former chief Daniel Hahn has been informed to find a new replacement for the post, She hasn’t claimed any sexual rape but she is accused of being sexually groomed by ‌male officers.

All the officers regarding the case have been dismissed it is unclear whether the same cops will be reinstated back to the force. The illicit act is done without any honor and patriotism towards the country. The role of police officers itself now implies a bad image to the public due to these types of unclear problems.                                                                  

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