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Lamar High School Shooting: 1 Student Killed, 1 Injured In Lamar High School



Lamar High School Shooting Student Dead In Shooting Outside Lamar High School

Shooting crimes are becoming a daily thing nowadays in most cities in the United States. Recently on Monday, the authorities reported a shooting outside a high school in Arlington, Texas. The reports released by the Arlington Police Department state that one student passed away while another got injured in the shooting incident.

The authorities said they reached the crime scene before 7 a.m., right after the shooting was reported outside the school building. Upon arriving at the spot, the officers found a male student with an alleged gunshot wound who was transported to the hospital right away. But unfortunately, he couldn’t make it to life and was pronounced dead from the severity of his injuries. Other than the boy, a female student even got wounded in the incident.   

The shooting took place outside the school building at Lamar High School in Arlington. Since the school day begins only at 7.35 a.m., most students haven’t arrived at the school at the time of the incident. It helped avoid a mass shooting, just as what happened in various parts of the country in the past few months. 

Lamar High School Shooting Police Explanation

Arlington Police dept has confirmed that the suspected shooter of the shooting got arrested shortly after the incident. All three, including the shooter, and the two victims, were students from the same school. As per the reports of the police, they believe the suspect hasn’t entered the school campus at any time.

Lamar High School Shooting: Student Dead In Shooting Outside Lamar High School

Also, the officials located him outside the school upon arrival and were taken into custody. The authorities stated that the school building was secured after the suspect was taken into custody. And they added that there were no active threats existing to the school after the suspect’s arrest.

But since the school has become a crime scene, it was locked down while the authorities were searching the premises in order to make sure that nothing unusual existed there and the scene was all clear. As instructed by the authorities, the school was locked down for about three and a half hours. By this time, the police completed their search and released the students locked inside the school building back to their houses.

The students trapped inside the building during the lockdown hours were transported to the local athletics center affiliated with the school district. They were later asked to be picked up by their parents or guardians by noon. As said above, since the incident occurred earlier than normal school hours, most of the students were left to come.

And in order to avoid crowding, the Arlington Independent School District posted an alert notice stating, ‘Lamar High School is in lockdown due to an on-campus shooting,’ on their website earlier on Monday morning. They even added that the notice was released because of a shooting that happened outside the school premises.

They even alerted the public to avoid the campus while the Arlington Police Department continued its investigation. The APD officials even alerted the families of the students of the school about the incident and that their kids are safe inside the school. They even added that for further information regarding the kids and their release, they could connect with the officers at Arlington ISD.

Are Details Of The Suspected Shooter Disclosed?

Also, they even made sure to inform that the parents were not allowed to reach the campus at the time the investigation proceeded. As of now, the details regarding the suspected shooter are not yet disclosed since he is also a juvenile. Also, police are yet to confirm the motive behind the crime which will be released in the following days after further investigation.

They made sure to the parents that the school premises are currently on lockdown and the public isn’t allowed to the crime scene for the time being. Once the authorities are done with their investigation, they’ll clear the entire building. It is believed that this would take some time, and until then, the school will remain locked down.

The crime scene, Lamar High School in Arlington, is situated between Dallas and Fort Worth. Further details regarding the crime will be released subsequently.

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