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Paul Grant Death:‘Star Wars’ & ‘Harry Potter’ Actor Died At The Age Of 56



Paul Grant Death‘Star Wars’ & ‘Harry Potter’ Actor Died At The Age Of 56

Harry Potter actor who portrayed the Goblin in the franchise has been rushed to hospital after collapsing outside a railway station, upon reaching the hospital they pronounced him brain dead on March 16. On March 19, his family announced that they had decided to switch off his life support machine. This loss marks an embedded scar in the film industry. 

Paul, who played the role of Ewok in the Sar Wars collapsed at the Pancras Station on a normal day. Upon receiving the alert they immediately dispatched a medical team who could look upon the case and immediately transport it to the nearest medical hospital.

Paul Grant Cause Of Death

The primary cause of death has not been revealed by ‌officials as of now. The late British actor has a series of health issues due to his condition Sypondylopiphyseal dysplasia congenital, a rare genetic strand that causes dwarfism. This condition is believed to be inviting many other life-threatening diseases into his life.

Paul Grant Death

Despite his condition, throughout the years, he has been struggling with substance abuse. He struggled with alcohol and drug addiction during his career. He once opened up about the negative impact of it where he admitted that he lost everything by spending money on drugs and other things.

He also admitted that alcohol and drugs influenced him to cheat on his wife, as well as entirely blaming himself for the separation from his former wife. He revealed that things got worse after the marriage as he started to spend more money on alcohol and drugs.

His death may be related to his past substance addiction as well as his condition. However, ‌the report has not been updated so far with the death. The family of the late actor is eagerly waiting to hear the report.

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Fans Pay Tribute To Paul Grant

The news of his demise wandered around the internet causing tears among ‌fans of Harry Potter and Star Wars, especially. Fans from all over the world expressed their condolences to the family while others paid tribute to the reactor.

His daughter Sophie Jayne revealed in an interview that she was devastated to learn about the demise of his father. “He always brought smiles and laughter to everyone’s face. He would do anything for anyone and was a massive Arsenal fan.” she wrote. She continued to mention the priorities he held in ‌life as an actor and a family man. “He loved his daughters, son, and his girlfriend Maria very much, as well as his stepchildren,” Sophie ended her statement.

The 56-year-old actor is now survived by his girlfriend Maria, and three children, Sophie Grant, Nicole Grant, and Robbie Grant. All his children are from his previous relationship with Janet Crowson

Maria Dwyer, Paul’s girlfriend who was with him till his last breath wrote that Paul was the love of her life. “The funniest man I know. He made my life complete.” She ended her statement by mentioning how difficult it would be to live without Paul for the rest of her life.

Paul Grant: Early Life And Career

Paul Grant began his acting career by appearing in theaters. After his training, he enrolled in various productions across the United Kingdom for several roles. He landed early roles in the high-end production movie Star Wars – Return of the Jedi, where he played an Ewok in the movie.

Paul Grant Death-Star Wars-Harry Potter

Another iconic role that flattered the world is in Harry Potter, where her portrayed as the Goblin in the movie. He also appeared in other movies Labyrinth and Willow. He also has expertise in stunt doubles, in which he worked alongside Tom Cruise in the movie Legend.

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