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Dick Van Dyke Car Accident: Mary Poppins Actor Crashed His Car In Malibu



Dick Van Dyke Car Accident Mary Poppins Actor Crashed His Car In Malibu

According to reports, legendary TV icon Dick Van Dyke sustained injuries after wrecking his Lexus in Malibu after losing control of the wheel and driving off the road.

About The Car Accident

In inclement weather conditions on Wednesday morning, the vehicle driven by the actor, who is 97 years old, slipped and then crashed into a gate. The event caused him to suffer from a bleeding nose and mouth, in addition to perhaps suffering a concussion.

Dick Van Dyke Car Accident

The Hollywood legend was driving his Lexus LS 500 when the police came to the scene and found him behind the wheel.

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Since Dick has spent most of his seven decades in Hollywood taking punches in front of the camera, we have a feeling that a few minor bumps and bruises won’t bother him quite as much.

There was NO evidence of drug or alcohol use, but the police have requested that Dick take another driving test because of his age as one of the criteria in their request to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

He was not transported to a medical facility, but rather someone picked him up at the scene of the accident and drove him home.

Dick Van Dyke Car: Life & Career

The collision took place almost ten years after the actor from “Mary Poppins” and “The Dick Van Dyke Show” escaped unharmed from a car fire that occurred when his Jaguar caught fire on a motorway in the Los Angeles area.

According to the California Highway Patrol, the incident in question occurred on August 12, 2013, as Van Dyke was traveling in the area of the town of Calabasas when his car caught fire.

during the time that another driver noticed Van Dyke’s vehicle was on fire and helped him to safety.

Van Dyke has stated in recent interviews that the fact that his wife, who is 51 years old and described as “gorgeous,” helps him feel younger than his age 97.

The accident happened only a few short weeks after the actor from Diagnosis Murder had a starring role in The Masked Singer.

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Despite the fact that Van Dyke is getting on in years, the viewers were blown away by his live performances as “Gnome” on the popular reality show.

His most recent film roles were in the comedy-drama Kidding, starring Jim Carrey, as well as the sequel Mary Poppins Returns.

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