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Who Is Chuck Morris? Lotus Percussionist Son Charley Was Feared Dead In A Kayaking Accident.



Who Is Chuck Morris Lotus Percussionist, Son Charley Was Feared Dead In A Kayaking Accident.

Instrumental electronic jam band Lotus percussionist Chuck Morris and his son, Charley Morris, went missing a few days ago after the two went on a kayaking trip on Beaver lake. 

The 47-year-old father and 20-year son were reported missing by their family on Thursday, 16 March 2023. The duo was venturing on a kayaking trip on a human-made reservoir in the Ozark Mountains in Northwest Arkansas and were enjoying their spring break trip, as per the statement released by the authorities. 

After the news of their missing went viral and hit the headlines recently, people are going crazy over the internet in search of the musician and his son. The article will help you learn more about who the musician was and what really happened to him. So let’s check this out.

Who Is Chuck Morris?

Chuck Morris is a 47-year-old percussionist of the Colorado-based instrumental electronic jam band Lotus. Apart from him, the band includes guitarist Tim Palmieri, drummer Mike Greenfield, Luke Miller, who handles both guitar and keyboards, and Jesse Miller, who works on bass and sampler. 

Who Is Chuck Morris?

The 47-year-old musician was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1942, and in the early 70s, he moved to Colorado with the dream of pursuing a career in music. After relocating, he got involved in local music shows, and later, in the early 80s, he became part of many music concerts and even founded CME, Chuck Morris Entertainment.

With his hard work and brilliant leadership, the media house became one of the top concert promotion companies and worked with many leading production houses and banners, including Rolling Stones.

Chuck Morris As Lotus Percussionist

Later, by the early 2000s, Chuck Morris was recruited as a percussionist of the instrumental electronic jam band Lotus which was formed in August 1998. The group conducted various tours and stage events that paved the way for their popularity within a short time. They even performed live shows on their tour and were regarded as an electronically inclined Jazz-funk outfit by Allmusic

Apart from being an artist, Chuck Morris was a good human from the heart and was engaged in various philanthropic duties. He was inducted into the Colorado Music Hall of fame in 2011 and even received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Colorado Business Committee for his contributions to the arts.

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What Happened To The Lotus Percussionist Chuck Morris?

The reports released by the authorities state that 47-year-old Chuck Morris and his 20-year-old son went missing last Thursday after the duo went on a spring break trip. According to the reports, the father and son failed to return after they went on a kayaking trip to Beaver lake, a human-made reservoir in the Ozark Mountains, Arkansas.   

Who Is Chuck Morris? Lotus Percussionist, Son Charley Was Feared Dead In A Kayaking Accident.

Chuck and Charley were last spotted at 11.00 am while they left the Lost Bridge area for kayaking. From the words of a family friend, it was informed that the family was enjoying their family vacation during spring break. Chuck has just returned after completing a tour with his band. 

As of now, the authorities have recovered both their kayak and a life jacket by the time. But there is no news or sight of both the father and the son. Police and other officials continue to search for the duo, but until today the results are negative. 

Benton County Sheriff About The Recovery Mission

The Benton County Sheriff’s Office spokesman announced that the recovery mission for the musician and his son was challenging because of the freezing climate and high winds in the area. 

Jesse Miller, a member of the band, stated that they are going through such a hard time since it’s been days, and still no information regarding the duo is found yet. He even added that the missing man’s wife and daughter, Jenny and Amelia, are going through a hard time and are worried about the father and son who went missing. 

He even added that it has been around a week now, and still there are no updates which makes them lose hope of the duo’s return. Even now, while the search proceeds, the family and friends are expecting some miraculous things to happen. They even asked the fans to include them and the family in their prayers.              

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