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Concord Strip Mall Shooting: Eric Cavazo Shot To Death And Step Father Injured 



Concord Strip Mall Shooting Eric Cavazo Shot To Death And Step Father Injured 

Eric Cavazo, a 21-year-old man, was shot and killed on Tuesday, just a day after the Lamar High School shooting in Arlington, Texas. 

The young man was shot to death at the Concord strip mall. According to the statement released by the Concord Police Department, they received a call after hearing a couple of gunshots near the Solano Way and Broadmoor Avenue area. And upon arrival at the murder scene, they found two people who were shot and bleeding.

The young boy was shot in his head and was reported dead at the crime scene. His stepfather, who was at the location, was also shot in his stomach and transported to the hospital.

Eric Cavazo was Shot To Death And Step Father Injured 

The police reported that the incident happened around 9.48 am in the area of Solano Way and Broadmoor Avenue. By 11.18 am, they announced to the public to avoid the route since police investigations were proceeding at the time.

Concord Strip Mall Shooting:: Eric Cavazo Shot To Death

The witnesses of the incident stated that they heard gunshots and saw a person running from the crime scene with a gun. The victim was not identified at first. Later, it was discovered that 21-year-old Eric Cavazo was the one who lost his life in the shooting, and the other man injured was his stepfather.

Concord Police About The Incident

From the initial investigation carried out by the Concord Police Department, it was revealed that the young boy was shot in the head, and his body was recovered underneath a tarp at the mall. His stepfather was shot in the stomach and was transported to the hospital right away.   

The police reported that the victim pulled up the car and parked outside Payless Cigarettes. A man with a rifle encountered Cavazos, and they both started struggling over the weapon during the fight. Eric fell to the ground and was shot by the suspect in the head. 

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Shooting Incidents Increasing In the United States

As the incident took place just a day after the Lamar High School shooting in Arlington, Texas, the news got huge public attention. Nowadays, shooting incidents are becoming more common in the United States, and per year, more than hundreds are losing their lives, and thousands are losing their loved ones.

As further investigation on the suspect and the motive behind the shooting is proceeding at the movement, more information regarding the crime is not let out by the authorities. The incident shocked the whole community and even shattered the hearts of many, including the victim’s friends and family who gathered at the crime scene to console each other. 

Eric’s stepfather, whose identity is still unrevealed, is currently undergoing treatment. He is recovering from the severity of the gunshot and the pain of losing a dear one. 

The Concord Strip Mall shooting has left the whole community residing in the area in shock and shattered after hearing the news. People in these localities are feared of losing their lives in the streets as mass shootings and such events have become a common thing these days. 

About Concord Strip Mall Shooting suspect

A witness of the shooting reported that a man and woman were seen running from the crime scene after the gunshot sounds were heard. At the time, the police believed that these two were the suspects. Further investigations into the crime are carried out by the local police.

Concord Strip Mall Shooting suspect

Also, they have requested the public to report to the police if they found something regarding the case or connected to it.   On Monday, two young students(a boy and a girl) at Lamar High School were shot by another student. The boy lost his life while the girl was transported to the hospital.

Authorities state that the three children belong to the same school and further investigations into the shooting are being processed by the local police. Since the suspect is a juvenile, his identity is not revealed in the media and he was arrested right after he committed the crime. 

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