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Is Celine Dion Dead? Death Hoax Goes Viral, Know What The Truth Is



Is Celine Dion Dead Death hoax goes viral, Know What The Truth Is

Attention has been a major part of the succession. Several agencies and individuals have been attempting fraud activities for attention. The fame game has adrenaline-boosting feelings in our bodies. Scams and frauds are wrong but they are inhuman when playing with someone’s death.

Recently a video went viral claiming that Celine Dion had passed away in a plane crash. The Canadian singer is the artist of one of the heart-melting songs that the world has ever seen “My heart will go on”, the theme song of the heartbreaking Hollywood Blockbuster Titanic.

About Celine Dion Dead Viral Video

The video went on to convince multiple fans and moviegoers because it had one of the most prestigious music company’s logos in it, CNN. This video specifically mentioned that the Canadian superstar was traveling in her private plane after the World Tour in Milwaukee when it crashed.

Is Celine Dion Dead?s

The video starts by expressing a disheartened desire to address a tragic news report in the morning. Before it revealed the name of the person, Celine Dion pictures appear in the video, in the bottom written “Superstar and singing legend Celine Dion dead at 51.”

The video gained the attention of more than 16 lakh viewers and was shared over the internet 5,300 times. According to reports one of the organization’s anti-fake news teams has ensured that the news channel CNN never ran this kind of news and this news turned out to be fake, to gain ‌media attention.

Moreover, the same news organization has confirmed that the Canadian singer is alive and healthy as there were no plane crashes. Upon deeper analysis, they found out that the clip was edited from another original video.

The team found out the original news of the same with the same sayings and voices reporting the demise of celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain. The anchor reported the news in the same vocabulary as well as tone. This was sufficient to confirm that the tragic news of Celine Dion was edited to gain attention. At the time, no credible news websites reported the death of Celine Dion. 

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Who Was Anthony Bourdain And How Did He Die?

Anthony was a chef, traveler, and author, who thrived on culinary of international culinary cuisine. Apart from being a chef, he appeared in many television shows as well as published books. Although his death came shockingly to others. It was very disturbing to learn that he died by suicide despite having a fruitful full career.

Is Celine Dion Dead? Death Hoax Goes Viral, Know What The Truth Is

People who were close to him thought highly of him and expected him at least to commit suicide. He attempted suicide when he was working on an episode of Parts Unknown, with Eric Ripert. Ripert found the body hanging in Bourdain’s room after he worryingly went to check on him when he missed dinner and breakfast.

Coming Back To Celine

When the fake news was circulated Celine Dion was on a world tour during the first weeks of November 2019, when she was attending concerts as part of her tour. At the same time, a few hours earlier to the fake news, she was active on Twitter as she posted her latest one a few hours earlier to the hoax. This was not the first time fake death news was circulated about the Canadian singer.

Once in 2013, Celine Dion’s death news went viral. One of the unidentified news websites circulated the news of her death. But it was later debunked by one of the fact-checking news outlets. It is a relief for the victims to acknowledge that outlets are working to avail real news and debunk ‌fake ones. If it were not for them, these viral hoaxes could not have stopped.

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