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Who Is Austin Lyle? A Student Shot 2 Administrators At A Denver High School



Who Is Austin Lyle A student Shot 2 Administrators At A Denver High School

At East High School in Denver, a teenager who had agreed to be patted down daily allegedly shot and injured two school administrators, according to investigators. Austin Lyle, 17, the suspect, fled the school following the shooting on Wednesday morning, and police in Denver say they are still looking for him.

Police stated Wednesday night that “efforts to find the suspect are underway” and that his automobile had been found in Park County, which is southwest of Denver.

Who Is Austin Lyle?

Austin Lyle, a 17-year-old student, has been identified as a suspect in the Wednesday shooting at East High School, Denver. According to authorities, he shot and injured two teachers before fleeing.
Lyle has been described as a 150-pound, 5-foot-5-inch boy.

Who Is Austin Lyle?

In a later press conference, Park County Sheriff Tom McGraw revealed that a male body had been discovered close to the suspect’s car. According to McGraw, the scene is being processed, and the coroner is on the way. Police issued a warning to the public not to approach Lyle, describing him as armed and dangerous.

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Denver Police Explanation About The Incident

The weapon used in the crime has not been located. Lyle may be operating a 2005 red Volvo XC90 with the Colorado license plate BSCW10 while on the run for attempted murder. According to Chief Ron Thomas of the Denver Police Department, the two males were taken to a local hospital where one was in critical condition and the other was in serious but stable condition.

Police identified the unidentified suspect as 17-year-old Austin Lyle. He was allegedly sought for attempted homicide. Before entering the school, Lyle was being searched as is customary in the morning at the time of the shooting. This was a provision of a safety plan agreement made with him because of earlier behavioral problems. Until Wednesday, he had never brought a firearm into the building, according to officials.

What Happened At Denver Public School After The Incident

The front office of the school, away from other children and personnel, was where the shooting occurred. According to Mr. Marrero at the news conference, the school, which has roughly 2,500 pupils, was under lockdown and will be closed for the remainder of the week.

In June 2020, amid a summer of protests over racial injustice following the assassination of George Floyd, Denver Public Schools decided to phase out the deployment of police officers in school facilities. The argument that school resource officers disproportionately detained Black pupils and swept them into the criminal justice system spurred this initiative.

What Happened At Denver Public School After The Incident

Superintendent of Denver Public Schools Alex Marrero stated that, following Wednesday’s shooting, two armed cops will be stationed at East High School, and each of the city’s other high schools will also receive an officer.

In a letter to the city’s Board of Education dated Wednesday, Marrero stated that his choice would contravene district policies. Nonetheless, Marrero stated that he “can no longer sit on the sidelines.”

He wrote, “I am willing to take the repercussions of my conduct.” “As the administrator of this school system, it is my responsibility to ensure the daily safety of our students and faculty.”

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