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Who Is Tiffany Thomas? Cyclocross champion Hannah Arensman Retired After Losing To A Trans Rider



Who Is Tiffany Thomas Cyclocross champion Hannah Arensman Retired After Losing To A Trans Rider

A cycling event held in New York City has sparked fury after a trans woman completed the race in the first place. Tiffany Thomas, a 46-year-old transgender cyclist, is the one who has been accused of cheating. Discussions on the athlete’s participation in women’s sports were going on while she made it to the first position at the women’s cycling event in New York City over the weekend.

As the matter has caught the attention of the media as well as the public, they are delving deep into the news. This article will help figure out more about the athlete and what has made the public assume that she cheated in the game.  

Who Is Tiffany Thomas?

Tiffany Thomas is a 46-year-old transgender woman who won a recent cycling event held in New York City over the weekend. Thomas was born as a man which made other participants believe she had an unfair advantage in the women’s competition. 

Who Is Tiffany Thomas?

Thomas started cycling just a couple of years ago, in 2018. Within a short time, she became successful in women’s competitions and sometimes dominated other women participating in the event. 

From the cyclist’s Instagram bio, it seems like she is a lab director. The Instagram bio even stated she is a scientist by day and an athlete by night. She added that she’ll be happier when she sees a beautiful electron microscopy picture of a red cell. Also, she stated she is very much excited to race and will represent the LA Sweat Team this year. She is one of the eldest members of the team. 

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What Happened After Tiffany Thomas Won The Race?

After her success in the women’s cycling competition, Thomas posted a picture celebrating her success and congratulating herself on the victory. But instead of congratulating the athlete, the public came up criticizing her for cheating.

What Happened After Tiffany Thomas Won The Race?

One person commented that Thomas’ teammates belong to the age category 24 – 32, while she is 46 and could keep up with the energy of the young ones. And they continued that, unlike other female athletes, Thomas hasn’t started her cycling career at a young age, rather she just started cycling at the age of 40. And within a short time, she attained the first position over 15 times.

Also, apart from this, she conquered many podiums easily and went from just a beginner to the elite level within five years which is not easy for any normal woman. All these discussions on the athlete have raised some doubts among the public and people have started to debate over this issue.

A critic remarked that the authorities are destroying women’s rights in America and he/she feels bad for the women athletes in the country who were training hard for their entire life just to get overruled by some trans people. Some others suggested that every sport must be made co-ed in the United States or else everything will be unfair. They even claim that if this condition still continues, then it will be difficult for women to achieve anything in their field. 

Who Is Hannah Arensman, Why Did She Quit Sports?

Hannah Arensman is a former champion cyclist who has also participated in the cycling event held in New York City. Hannah is a Cyclocross champion, who has achieved numerous prizes throughout her career. In a recent event, she lost her position with a trans athlete. She retired from the sport because of her loss and also because of the growing number of transgender athletes participating or competing in women’s cycling. 

Who Is Tiffany Thomas? Cyclocross champion Hannah Arensman Retired After Losing To A Trans Rider

After the recent event, Hannah stated that at her last race in the UCI Cyclocross National Championships in the elite women’s category, she came fourth and was defeated by male riders who came up in the third and fifth positions. She added that her family, including her sister and mother, cried after they saw a man finish before her. Also, she claimed that she saw several physical interactions with the men throughout the race.

Hannah is a 35-time winner of the national cyclocross circuit. She along with other female cyclists has made an ordeal to the supreme court. The ordeal was released with the support of West Virginia legislation seeking the court to ban transgender athletes from competing outside their biological gender, especially in women’s events or competitions.  

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