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Who Are Scottie Morris Parents? All About Brian Morris And Felicia



Who Are Scottie Morris Parents All About Brian Morris And Felicia

Earlier this week, Scottie Morris was reportedly missing. At the time of alerting neighbors and citizens, police shared a disturbing picture of the 14-year-old kid. In the picture, Scottie Morris was sitting on the stairs with an upset face and wearing a scribbled t-shirt, which says, “I’m a Liar. I hurt my lil brother and I cheat” and it goes on. The rest was not clear as one side of the dress is folded and the alphabet cannot be decoded.

Moreover, his hair was completely trimmed. The police department claimed that he was forced to wear the t-shirt as part of the punishment. Some netizens have been speculating that his haircut resembles that of an abused child by their parents. However, the Police assured them his parents were not behind his disappearance and they were cooperating in the process.

What Happened To Scottie Morris?

Scottie disappeared on the morning of March 16 in his hometown of Eaton at 8:30 pm. At the missing person, an alert was enclosed with a caution believing that the 14-year-old was in extreme danger and might require medical assistance. It also includes that he was wearing black shoes, a handwritten white t-shirt, and red and black shorts at the time of his disappearance.

Who Are Scottie Morris Parents

Upon his missing, Police officers, volunteers and emergency responders searched the entire town around four times and nobody found any evidence linking to the disappearance of the child. His mother Felicia Morris released a statement “Scott, I love you and I want you to come home. She added that the entire town is looking for him and consoled him not to be scared of them.

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The chief of the police also added that he was not in trouble and that the entire department and the countrymen were looking for him. The parents were concerned about him as it was very unusual to them as he didn’t pick up the calls and was away in the cold breeze almost naked.

However, last Friday, the police revealed some good news he was found safe after a week of his disappearance just moments away from the place he vanished. According to reports he was found by an Eaton Officer at Hartford Street and Harris Street.

He was immediately rushed to an IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital ER, to carry out a medical examination. The police insist that he has been placed in a safe environment away from any damage.
The police department also apologizes for sharing the distressing picture of Scottie Morris. According to police they only had one image of coffee and that is supposed to be the one in which he was forced to wear the outfit by his parents.

Many have been speculating that he fled away from his home might be due to his abusive parents. But the police have ruled out the same opinion.

Who Are His Parents?

Scottie Morris was born to Felicia Morris and Brian Morris. Upon his disappearance, both of the parents were delicately cooperating to find their son as soon as possible. The police found out that he was wearing a handwritten t-shirt that apologies for his actions were prompted by his parents. In order to find the truth, they underwent a polygraph test. The results have not been revealed by the department.

Recent reports suggest that his head was shaved as part of the punishment from his parents. But the police are clear that the parents were not abusive towards him. The haircut was his decision. The police were convinced that it was not their intention to drive their son away from home.

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