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Is Dylan Dreyer Expecting? Pregnant In 2023? Husband Brian Fichera And Family



Is Dylan Dreyer Expecting Pregnant In 2023 Husband Brian Fichera And Family

Dylan Dreyer, the mother of three kids has given an update regarding the chances of bringing the fourth child to her family. The meteorologist revealed that she always wanted a girl. But fortunately, she got all the boys. At one point Dylan and Brian didn’t want kids. She revealed that they never had the idea of welcoming a child.

She expressed that she felt sorry for Brian for not having the experience of a relationship with a daughter. While stating that she recalled her relationship with her father. We all know that father-daughter relationships are different than mother-daughter. Father-daughter relationships instantly spark in ‌most ‌cases.

Rumors say that the weather forecast reporter is expecting ‌a fourth child in 2023. Let us give you some insight regarding their status.

Is Dylan Dyler Expecting A Fourth Child This Year?

Dylan and Brian welcomed their third child, Russel James on September 29, 2021. In a recent interview when she was asked about welcoming the fourth baby – she answered that the couple has maxed out and they don’t have plans to welcome a fourth baby anytime soon. She added that they tapped out and she wished she had started having kids earlier.

Is Dylan Dreyer Expecting? Pregnant In 2023? Husband Brian Fichera And Family

In the same interview, she was again pestered about having a girl. She replied by announcing her children’s book Misty the Cloud: Friends Through Rain or Shine as the fourth child she was expecting. She expressed that they wanted a baby girl.

But we are all aware that it’s not in their hands to choose the gender of their kids. Even though they don’t have a girl in the family, she revealed that three of the kids feel right for them.

Well, it is a good ‌thing that they do not have any plans to welcome a fourth child into the family regarding their space in their current home. With three kids – they had to move to a bigger place one day. When she was due with a third, fans were quick to notice that she was living in a smaller place for three children, and many of the suggested to the reporter that she’d have to relocate to a new and bigger house.

After giving birth to Russel, she confirmed that all the boys fit fine, in the house for now. She also revealed an adorable picture of the boy’s room. Currently, all the boys were living in the same room, with bunk beds and lots of soft toys.

The family of five couldn’t be ‌happier‌‌. She deserved to be happy with the boys considering their long and tough journey. After giving birth to Calvin, the oldest son. She struggled from secondary infertility to conceive another. She also had a miscarriage in 2019. Details of their long journey are very private. This is all we are aware of now.

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Dylan Dyler’s Family?

The meteorologist married ‌writer and producer Brian Fichera in 2012. They initially met when Fichera was working as a cameraman for NBC. They eventually fell in love and Brian proposed to Dylan in July 2011.

They got married in October 2012 in a close ceremony with their family and friends. The couple has been sharing their lives for more than a decade now. During their journey, they ‌welcomed three children into their lives, and all of them were boys.

They welcomed their first child Calvin on 17 December 2016. When Calvin was three years old, they gave birth to their second son Oliver on January 2, 2020. Dylan revealed that the reason for the third child was they felt something was incomplete for them.

Both of the parents ‌came out of a family of three. Thus they gave birth to Russel on September 29, 2021. In the same interview, she told that they indeed felt complete after giving birth to Russel.

The entire family is currently living together in the same house, where three of the brothers are sharing a room. Dylan and Brian couldn’t be ‌happier than this after a struggling journey.

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