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Nashville School Shooting Photos: Police Release Photos Of Three Guns Used By Nashville School Shooter Audrey Hale



Police release photos of three guns used by Nashville school shooter Audrey Hale

A tragic event that shook the nation to its core occurred when Audrey Hale opened fire at a school in Nashville, resulting in the injuries of several students as well as teachers. The authorities have now revealed images of the three guns used by the shooter, offering additional light on the tragic attack.

Photos of the three firearms that were carried by Audrey Hale have been made public by the police in Nashville. Hale opened fire at The Covenant School on Monday, killing six people, including three children.

Nashville School Shooting Photos

Hale, 28, shot multiple bullets inside the private Christian institution, including at cops, before authorities killed her, halting more bloodshed, Metro Nashville police said Monday night.

The images of the three firearms that were found at the scene were distributed by the police.

According to the photographs, two of the weapons are handguns while the other one appears to be an assault rifle.

The firearms had stickers and inscriptions on them, including “Hellfire” and “Aiden” – a name used by Hale online.

Police Release Photos Of Three Guns Used By Nashville School Shooter Audrey Hale

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Hale shot and killed Evelyn Dieckhaus, Hallie Scruggs, and William Kinney, all age 9, as well as custodian Mike Hill and substitute teacher Cynthia Peak, both 61, and school head Katherine Koonce, 60.

Police Release Photos Of Three Guns

The former student allegedly penned a lengthy manifesto outlining their intentions to carry out an attack on the Christian school, according to the police.

According to the investigators, Hale is a transgender person, and they are currently looking into whether or not that identity played a part in the shooting or is connected to any motive.

The dissemination of these photographs by the Nashville police department has provided investigators and the general public with a deeper understanding of the firearms used in the school shooting that occurred in Nashville and has shed new light on the incident.

It is essential to keep in mind that a handgun can be lethal in the hands of the wrong person and that tragedies like this one can occur when guns are found in the possession of those who should not have access to them. We must work together to develop methods to prevent gun violence and keep our schools and communities safe.

Police Release Photos Of Three Guns Used By Nashville School Shooter Audrey Hale

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