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Who Was William Kinney? All About Nashville Shooting Victim



Who Was William Kinney All About Nashville Shooting Victim

The shooting that took place at the Covenant School in 2023 resulted in the deaths of six people, including a young boy named William Kinney, who was just nine years old. The following is further information regarding the shooting of multiple people.

Nashville Shooting: What Happened In The Covenant School?

The Covenant School, a private Christian institution at which a shooter on Monday morning killed three children and three adults, stated that it was in a state of shock following the tragedy. Students from pre-kindergarten all the way through sixth grade are educated at the Covenant School, which is located in the Green Hills neighborhood.

Nashville Shooting Victim William Kinney

Audrey Hale, a former student who was 28 years old at the time, opened fire at the Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, on the morning of March 27, 2023, resulting in the deaths of six individuals.

According to the Metro Nashville Police Department, the victims were as follows: Evelyn Dieckhaus, age nine; William Kinney, age nine; Hallie Scruggs, age nine; Cynthia Peak, age 61; Mike Hill, age 61; and Katherine Koonce, age sixty.

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Who Was William Kinney? Parents & Family

A little boy named William Kinney, who was only 9 years old at the time, was enrolled in The Covenant School. Mark and Sarah Kinney, William’s parents, have not addressed the public about their grief at the loss of their son. Yet, they have been praised by their acquaintances and family members for being warm-hearted, caring, and committed parents.

They believe William was the bright spot in their life, and they are having a difficult time coming to terms with the unexpected and senseless death he suffered. Mark and Sarah Kinney were both born in Nashville, and both of them have spent their whole lives in the surrounding area.

They are active participants in a variety of community groups in addition to being well-known and respected members of the community where they live. Mark is an accountant by trade, and Sarah is a stay-at-home mother who volunteers at the elementary school her children attend.

In addition to their daughter, who is in the fifth grade, and their son, who is in preschool, the Kinneys have two more children. According to several of the family’s friends, the loss of William has created a tremendous void in their life and the family is quite close-knit.

Since the incident, there has been an outpouring of support for the Kinney family from the Nashville community and beyond. This support has come from all around the world. Outside of the School as well as at the Kinneys’ residence, visitors have been leaving floral arrangements, cards, and other expressions of condolence.

In addition, a GoFundMe campaign has been established in order to assist the family with their financial needs. As they mourn the loss of their son, the Kinneys have requested their privacy at this difficult time. They have expressed their appreciation for everyone’s support but have stated that they require some time to cope with their loss.

Additional Victims Of The Shooting In Nashville

William Kinney was one of the three children who lost their lives in the shooting that took place at the Covenant School in Nashville. Evelyn Dieckhaus and Hallie Scruggs, both of whom was nine years old, constituted the last two children.

The School’s third grade was where all three of the children were enrolled at the time. It was said that Evelyn was a nice and considerate young girl who adored animals and had the career of a veterinarian in her sights for when she grew up.

Hallie was well-known for her passion for music and served as the senior pastor’s daughter at Covenant Presbyterian Church, where her father served as the senior pastor. Cynthia Peak, Katherine Koonce, and Michael Hill were three of the staff members who were killed when the incident occurred.

Cynthia worked at the School as a substitute teacher, and Katherine ran the School in her capacity as principal. Over the course of his career at Covenant, Michael had served in the capacity of custodian.

Audrey Hale: Former Student Behind The Brutality

We now know that the perpetrator was a person named Audrey Elizabeth Hale, who was 28 years old and identified as a transgender male despite being a biological woman. Initially, the authorities believed that the perpetrator was a juvenile.

Audrey Hale-Nashville Shooting

They had previously attended the Covenant School and were currently a resident of Nashville, where they continued to live with their parents. Officers received reports of the attack at 10:13 in the morning, and Hale, who had no history of criminal activity, was armed with two rifles of an “assault-style” design and a pistol.

More weapons were discovered during a search of the residence of the suspect in the school shooting in Nashville, according to a statement released by the police in the evening.

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The investigation by the police showed that the suspect, identified only as Hale, had created a thorough map of the school that indicated probable entranceways and had planned surveillance before to killing their victims. Despite this, there is currently no clear explanation as to why Audrey Hale acted the way he did.

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