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Long Beach Accident: Pursuit Ends In Disaster 1 Woman Died, Multiple Injured



Long Beach Accident Pursuit Ends In Disaster 1 Woman Died, Multiple Injured

On Tuesday night in Long Beach, a police pursuit reportedly ended in a catastrophe involving nine vehicles, which reportedly resulted in the death of one person and left eight others injured.

According to the information provided by the Long Beach Police Department, the deadly accident took at around 8:15 p.m. in the area of Pacific Coast Highway and 2nd Street.

Throughout the course of the pursuit, the police say that there was a young child present inside the suspect’s vehicle.

Long Beach Accident: What Happened Actually?

According to the Long Beach Police Department, the pursuit was being led by Seal Beach police at the time of the crash. Seal Beach police also started the chase in the first place.

It was around 8:00 p.m. when cops tried to pull over a female vehicle for a traffic violation near the intersection of Pacific Coast Highway and Fifth Street in Seal Beach, according to the police department.

Long Beach Accident

Julia Clasby, who works for the Public Information Office, said that the woman was driving with an infant and a male in the passenger seat.

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The officer “spoke with the female driver of the vehicle and then returned to his vehicle, where he observed that the female driver had switched seats with her male passenger,” as described by Clasby. At that point, the man ran away, setting off the chase that ensued. According to Clasby, at one point in the incident, the individual was driving in the wrong direction before he smashed into multiple automobiles.

Drone film revealed that at least nine vehicles were involved in the collision, including one severely damaged automobile that lost at least two of its doors in the incident. “The offender fled in the opposite direction after exiting the vehicle. As the police officer discharged his Taser, the criminal immediately stopped “Clasby said.

Although the information on their statuses was not immediately made public, the suspect, the wife, and the infant were all transported to the hospital after the incident. The news source was told by Seal Beach police that after an officer attempted to pull the vehicle over around 5th Street and Marina Drive, the driver drove away on PCH, and cops followed in pursuit as they tried to catch up with him.

Following the collision, multiple victims needed to be cut free from their automobiles with the Jaws of Life, and six people were carried to an undisclosed location in critical condition, according to officials from the fire department.

Despite the fact that the authorities have not made an official identification, it was reported that the individual who was slain was a woman in her 60s.

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The collision that took place in Long Beach took place roughly two hours before another collision of a similar nature. Two males were injured as a result of a two-car collision that occurred in the downtown area of Los Angeles and involved a DUI suspect who was attempting to elude the police.

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