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Who Is John Drake? What Does Metro Police Chief Say After Shooting



Who Is John Drake What Does Metro Police Chief Say After Shooting

A former student opened fire inside a school in the city of Nashville, Tennessee, in the United States, resulting in the deaths of six individuals, including three students and three members of the faculty and staff.

At the time of the attack, three of the casualties were students at the Covenant School who were nine years old or younger. Evelyn Dieckhaus, Hallie Scruggs, and William Kinney. And Cynthia Peak, 61, Katherine Koonce, 60, and Mike Hill, 61, have been identified as the adult victims of the attack.

According to the police report, the suspect was a transsexual woman named Audrey Hale, who was 28 years old. The police ended Hale’s life after discovering that he had three firearms with him, one of which was a semi-automatic rifle. Since that time, many have been interested in learning more about John Drake, who is the Chief of Police for the Nashville Metro Police Department and is in command of the Nashville shooting event.

Who Is John Drake?

Chief of the Metropolitan Police Department in Nashville and a well-known personality in the field of law enforcement, John Drake is now serving in this position. He started out as a patrol officer and worked his way up to the post of chief over the course of more than three decades of service in the department.

Who Is John Drake

He is a highly experienced cop. Drake is well-known for his commitment to public service, and he has received accolades and awards in recognition of his leadership and involvement in the community.

According to Metro Police Chief John Drake, the shooter who opened fire at The Covenant School may have had other targets in mind, one of which being a nearby shopping mall.” We have a strong belief that there were going to be some other targets, including possibly family members and one of the malls here in Nashville, but they did not take place”.

Drake further stated that a search of the residence of 28-year-old Audrey Hale turned out other weapons in addition to new maps that pertain to “maybe some thinking some other incidents.”

According to what the detectives have found thus far, the police chief has stated that there may be some anger for having to attend that particular school. According to Drake, the investigation has shown that the shooting was “targeted and planned.”

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John Drake Response Regarding The Mass Shooting

In light of the recent tragedy of another school shooting, Nashville Metro Police Chief John Drake stated in an interview that his daughter is giving serious consideration to homeschooling her kid.

“We have to take action about the issue of mental illness and gun violence.” The futures of our children depend on it. Drake mentioned during his presentation that he had a discussion about homeschooling with his daughter earlier in the day. Drake’s grandson is four years old, and his mother is considering educating him.

The chief continued by emphasizing the significance of addressing the problem of gun violence, particularly in schools, which are places where children are “supposed to be protected.”

“We have to come together, we have to address gun violence and we have to address mental illness, and we have to make it safe for the ones we love the most and who are the most vulnerable – our kids,” he added. “We have to make it safe for the ones we love the most and who are the most vulnerable – our kids.” According to the findings of the US Census, there are around five million pupils in the age range of five to twelve who receive their education at home.

Attempt To Secure The Gun Bill

Even before the horrific shooting that took place at The Covenant School on Monday, in which six individuals lost their lives, Metro Police Chief John Drake advocated for the enactment of legislation that would prevent people from keeping firearms unattended in vehicles.

On March 21, Drake wrote a letter to Rep. Clay Doggett, the chairman of the House Criminal Justice Subcommittee, asking for support for House Bill 1233. The bill, which would require gun owners to secure their weapons while the vehicles and boats are parked, is in response to an increase in the number of gun thefts that have occurred over the past four years.

Drake stated in the letter that “with gun ownership comes considerable responsibility on multiple fronts,” one of which is the need to secure guns, particularly those that are kept in vehicles so that they do not get into the hands of thieves or dangerous criminals. “This presents a challenge for law enforcement officials like myself,” the speaker said.

According to Drake, the number of vehicle gun thefts in Metro Nashville increased to 1,378 in 2022 from 848 in 2019, while the number of vehicle gun thefts in Memphis increased to 2,740 in 2018 from 1,159 in 2019.

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The chief stated that many are taken by adolescents and end up being used in violent crimes, such as the 9mm pistol that was drawn on Kyle Yorlets, a graduate of Belmont University and singer, when he was shot to death in February 2019.

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