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Robyn Bodine, Tracie Shoe: Missing Women Found Safe In New Mexico



Robyn Bodine, Tracie Shoe Missing Women Found Safe In New Mexico

Two Ohio Ladies Robyn Bodine, and Tracie Shoe Who Went Lost While on a Birthday Trip in New Mexico Were Found Safe in an ‘Extremely Isolated Location’ of Catron County.

Robyn Bodine And Tracie Shoe Missing: What Happened Actually?

Concern has been expressed by family members and friends of two women from Brookville who were last seen traveling in New Mexico. Friends from Ohio who were vacationing together in New Mexico have been reported missing after they failed to board their trip back to Ohio, according to the New Mexico police.

According to the Brookville Police Department, Robyn Bodine, 46, and Tracie Shoe, 52, both of whom are residents of Brookville, were not seen or heard from since Tuesday, March 28.

Robyn Bodine-Tracie Shoe

Robyn Bodine and her friend Tracie Shoe recently visited Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, a city about two hours south of Albuquerque. Riverbend Hot Springs was where they stayed for the duration of their tour.

Taylor Moberly, who is Robyn Bodine’s daughter, stated that her father and Tracie Shoe had been friends for a number of years. Moberly stated that her outgoing mother was more of a “homebody,” therefore it came as a surprise to her when her mother came to her and expressed interest in going on a trip.

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She provided Moberly with only general information regarding the trip, explaining that she had heard about Riverbend Hot Springs and wanted to go there for a birthday trip. The 29th of March is Robyn Bodine’s birthday. According to Moberly, on March 25, the two women left Cincinnati and flew to Phoenix, where they stopped for one day before continuing their journey.

According to Moberly, they traveled to the hot springs on March 27 and emailed family pictures after their arrival. Tuesday morning, about 11 o’clock, the two ladies left their hotel room and checked out. and were scheduled to check in for their flight and land in Cincinnati at approximately six o’clock in the evening. – yet they never followed through.

Jennifer Lightcap, a longtime friend of Tracie Shoe’s, noted that the most recent information they have is that the women intended to go on a trek prior to departing for the airport. Since the early hours of Tuesday, Lightcap and Moberly have been unable to make touch with the ladies in question.

The phone is immediately transferred to the voicemail system. Everything works properly on both sides, and it functions well for both phones… We are unsure whether a battery has run out of juice or what the problem is at this point. Nevertheless, they are not engaging in conversation or providing responses on social media, as Lightcap pointed out.

Moberly described the prolonged period of silence and uncertainty as “miserable.” “I just want my mom to be home, and I want Tracie to be home for the sake of her children. It’s a drag, and it makes you feel helpless since there’s nothing I can do about it,” she remarked. Also, the rental car they had, a white Toyota sedan with the Texas registration plate PJK9413, has not been returned.

After a period of one day, Moberly and her stepfather submitted a complaint regarding a missing individual. The FBI has verified, through a spokeswoman from their Cincinnati office, that they are aware of the missing person inquiry and are working with local law enforcement and FBI investigators in New Mexico to locate the missing people. The representative confirmed this data.

According to WKEF, relatives of Robyn Bodine and Tracie Shoe’s family have come to New Mexico in an effort to look for them. Robyn Bodine has brown eyes and brown hair with highlights. Her height is 5 feet 6 inches, and her weight is 145 pounds. Tracie Shoe has strawberry blonde hair and green eyes, and her height and weight are all 5 feet 6 inches and 170 pounds respectively.

Anyone who may have information was urged to call the police at the following number: 575-894-7111.

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