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Who Is Danielle Locklear? Where Is Je’Michael Malloy Now? All About Danielle Locklear Murder



Who Is Danielle Locklear Where Is Je'Michael Malloy Now All About Danielle Locklear Murder

The juvenile is suspected of killing Danielle Locklear, who was 15 years old, and discarding her body in a river.

In the heat of the moment, Je’Michael Malloy, Locklear’s ex-boyfriend, committed a crime of passion that resulted in the death of Locklear.

As a consequence of this, he has only been charged with murder in the second degree because the killing did not appear to be premeditated.

According to the authorities, Malloy admitted to killing Locklear by strangling her during an incident on March 11 and then discarding her body in the South River between Cumberland County and Sampson County.

Malloy’s relationship with the Locklear family was so strong that he participated in the community-wide hunt for their daughter after she went missing.

The suspicion that Malloy is responsible for Locklear’s death has left her family with a sense of betrayal.

The terrible murder case involving Danielle Locklear is revisited on the episode of City Confidential that airs this week and is titled “The Telltale Creek.” The episode is scheduled to air on A&E at 10:00 p.m. on the 30th of March. The Eastern Time Zone.

Where Is Je’Michael Malloy Now?

Locklear, who was 15 years old at the time, was reported missing in March 2014 after she left her grandparents’ house and told them she was going to meet a friend.

Je'Michael Malloy Now

The body of the woman was found floating in the South River beside cinderblocks that were attached to her waist and ankles and floated with the body.

An autopsy found that the woman had a sock shoved down her throat, which ultimately led to her death from asphyxiation.

It has been reported that Je’Michael Malloy was given a prison sentence ranging from 25 to 31 years, and he is reportedly being held at the Bertie Correctional Institute in Windsor at this time.

A sentence ranging from six to eight years was handed down to Lock.

Danielle Locklear Murder Details

In the summer of 2013, Danielle Locklear made the move into the home that belonged to her grandparents in Hope Mills.

After receiving authorization from her grandfather to leave the house and go see a friend who lived down the street, she went missing in March of the following year.

At the time, she was a freshman attending South View High School in Hope Mills.

A few hours later, on March 11, Locklear was reported missing when her family and friends were unable to get in touch with her and she had not returned home.

The Hope Mills Police Department immediately began gathering former volunteer search parties and searched the city once the 15-year disappearance was confirmed.

Locklear’s face was plastered on posters and billboards around the area with pleas for help finding her, but despite their best efforts, neither Locklear nor any leads to her location were discovered.

They looked everywhere, but Locklear and any clues to her whereabouts eluded them.

Danielle Locklear Murder Details

Despite all of their efforts, they were unable to find Locklear or any leads to her whereabouts.

When the authorities questioned Danielle Locklear’s friends about her most recent known location, they learned that she had recently ended her relationship with Je’Michael Malloy, who is a senior at a high school in Fayetteville and is 17 years old.

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The authorities speculated that Malloy was with the missing girl on the night she vanished and that they found him at a popular hangout spot close to the creek; however, he stated that he hadn’t spoken to his ex-girlfriend in days. Malloy also claimed that he was at his house on the night that she vanished.

A few weeks after it was reported that Locklear was missing, on April 2, an off-duty officer discovered her body in the South River about 20 miles outside of Hope Mills, close to the county lines of Cumberland and Sampson.

Locklear’s body had been partially submerged. As the body of the woman was being pulled from the river, the authorities discovered cinderblocks that had been tied around her waist and ankles in an attempt to weigh it down.

The fact that a sock was found stuffed down her throat led the medical examiner to the conclusion that she had died of asphyxiation.

Je’Michael Malloy admitted to the investigators that he and his friend Dominic Lock had picked up Danielle Locklear that night and taken her to a stream, where they got into a fight because she refused to take a pregnancy test in front of them.

Dominic Lock was also a witness to the incident. Supposedly, Locklear had already broken the news to him that she was expecting before she became pregnant.

However, the examinations that were done on her demonstrated that she was not pregnant at the time that she was killed.

Malloy claimed that he snapped and strangled her to death at that moment, before Lock stuffed a sock down her mouth, and both of them dropped her in the South River.

Malloy’s statement was made in the context of the events described in the previous sentence.

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