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Yo Gotti Restaurant Shooting: 2 People Killed, 5 Wounded



Yo Gotti Restaurant Shooting 2 People Killed, 5 Wounded

A deadly shooting outside the Prive Restaurant in Memphis owned by Yo Gotti has left two dead and five individuals wounded.

The victims’ names have not been disclosed by the officials as of now, but the ages of the wounded victims were reported. 

The five victims were identified as four 30-year-old men and one 25-year-old woman.

The shooting erupted around 11:15 pm at the restaurant. When officials arrived at the scene, the suspect had already fled the crime scene and the two men were suffering severe gunshot wounds.

One was pronounced dead while the other died at the hospital.

Details About Yo Gotti Restaurant Shooting

The shootout is believed to have emerged from a brawl at the restaurant. After the security at the restaurant dispersed, the brawl among the crowds.

The brawl further escalated at the parking lot, leading to a deadly mass shootout.

Details About Yo Gotti Restaurant Shooting

In video footage obtained from one of the media outlets, it can be seen that there was a brawl between two groups within the corridor of the Prive Restaurant.

The fight started when a guy threw a drink at another guy in the crowd, which led to both of them throwing punches at each other.

After security separated, the group. The heated argument was taken to the parking lot.

While they were arguing in the parking lot, one of them in the blue Jacket opened fire with what seemed to be a semi-automatic gun hitting the man in the black several times.

The shooters immediately left the scene while the bodies were lying on the ground.

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An investigation has been started in light of the incident. The officials have gathered all the evidence linking to the shootout and they have assured the public and families of the victims that the suspect will be immediately arrested.

So far the details of the suspect have not been released.  Moreover, it is unclear whether the police have found the suspect or not.

Reports suggest more than forty rounds were fired from the supposed semi-automatic gun.

Is Yo Gotti And Family Safe?

Ever since the shootout, netizens have been wondering whether the co-owned rapper of the restaurant, Yo Gotti, and his family was safe from the shoutout. Queries have flooded the internet regarding the whereabouts of the rapper and his family.

Yo Gotti Restaurant Shooting

Since the rapper was based in Memphis, fans were worried whether he was safe from the shootout.

From our findings, we learned that neither the rapper nor his family was present anywhere near the restaurant at the time of the shooting. It is unfortunate for the rapper to stay away from crime. 

The entire life of Yo Gotti revolved around crime and shootouts. His family was heavily linked with these kinds of crimes and most of them were arrested when he was very young.

At a young age, smoking and drinking highly influenced him. But at the same time, before dwelling on the aftermath of ‌alcohol and substance abuse, he realized that the dirty path would only lead him to Jail.

In order to become successful he searched for his passion and learned that he had the skill for rapping and performing.

He began performing and rapping at the age of 14 and started releasing music under the name Lil Yo.

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He became an instant hit in ‌town and landed multiple deals with major personalities such as Jay-Z, Lil- Wayne, and other rappers.

Some of his albums, such as 5 Star, Women Lie, and Men Lie, peaked on the US Billboard, selling multiple copies during the first week of the release.

The rapper is currently signed with labels such as Sony Music, CMG, and Roc Nation. He is also the CEO of the Collective Music Group.

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