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Maegan Hall Pictures: Pervert Police Chief Posts Sexually Explicit Video Of Maegan Hall



Maegan Hall Pictures Pervert Police Chief Posts Sexually Explicit Video Of Maegan Hall

Pervy Megan Hall, the police chief of La Vergne, Tennessee, was terminated for her role in ‘police going wild’ after she shared an explicit video of an officer making sexist comments on a secret burner phone.

Pervert Police Chief Burrel ‘Chip’ Davis Posts Sexually Explicit Video

The officer, Burrel ‘Chip’ Davis, 47, who is nicknamed ‘Ole Boy,’ lectured Hall for ‘dipping his pen in company ink’ and marveled at overseeing an internal investigation into his multiple on- and off-duty romps with colleagues

Maegan Hall Pictures Pervert Police Chief Posts Sexually Explicit Video

Davies, a married father of three, is said to have bemoaned the fact that his own ‘normal pimp’ attempts to bed down the hall had failed where others had succeeded. He is also said to have agreed with a friend that he was a ‘tight little bit.’ The allegations against Davies state that he committed these acts.

However, the documents that were submitted to the court revealed that Davis was already aware of all of Hall’s bed-swapping activities and had even conned one of his sergeants into providing him films of the 26-year-old rookie officer masturbating.

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In the month of December, an informant revealed that Hall had been having “intimate connections” with male coworkers at parties, hotels, and even on property owned by the police department itself.

The majority of the allegations were refuted by Hall in the initial interview she had with Andrew Patton, who is the head of human resources for the police department. During the subsequent two interviews, she did start to reveal some information about the rendezvous she had been attending.

Maegan Hall Pictures

The gossip about the 26-year-old Hall’s sexual exploits led to her dismissal from her job. A number of cops were involved in what was referred to as a “Girls Gone Wild” situation, which included a threesome that consisted of an officer, another officer, and the officer’s wife.

Maegan Hall – Lawsuit

Hall has claimed that she was “sexually groomed” by cops on her all-male shift, and last week she indicated that she was “sexualized” by colleagues. Hall has filed a federal civil-rights case against the city, Davis, McGowan, and Powell. She claims that they disregarded her civil rights.

Maegan Hall

Also, Hall admitted to having sexual encounters with Juan Lugo-Perez. After admitting to having sexual encounters with Hall and sending her sexually explicit images, he was terminated from his position. Officer Gavin Schoberl, who was caught exchanging nude images with Hall, was not disciplined for their behavior.

The purported plot was not very effective in protecting McGowan, as McGowan’s own relationship with Hall was quickly brought to light. Together with Hall and Powell, Patrol Officer Juan Lugo, and Sergeant Seneca Shields, he was terminated from his position.

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Patrol Officer Patrick Magliocco and K-9 Officer Larry Holladay confirmed their misconduct but were not suspended. Similarly, Patrol Officer Gavin Schweberl, who admitted to swapping nude images with Hall, was also exempt from discipline despite admitting to the same behavior.

The lawsuit claims that the former police chief and his subordinates laughed about the incidents and shared photographs of them. The first was a film that lasted for thirteen minutes and purportedly showed Hall masturbating.

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