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Bushwhacker Butch Miller: Cause Of Death, Wife Age, And Net Worth



Bushwhacker Butch Miller Cause Of Death, Wife Age, And Net Worth

WWE Hall of Fame Bushwhacker Butch Miller passed away at 78, after struggling with an undisclosed illness. Earlier this week, he has been hospitalized in Los Angeles due to some uneasiness in his health. The fans of the wrestling franchise only witnessed the legend during the recent Wrestlemania. All of the spectators and fans are now mourning.

Bushwhacker Butch Miller was originally known as Robert Miller. He has been using the stage name for appearing in WWE and the NWA, New Zealand. The death news of the former superstar was released in an Instagram post by his long-term teammate, Bushwacker Luke.

Bushwhacker Butch Miller Net worth

Bushwhacker Butch Miller earned most of his wealth through his wrestling career. Upon his death, his net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. It is clear that the pro wrestler did not have any career apart from clashing in the ring.

Bushwhacker Butch Miller Cause Of Death

Butch Miller started his professional wrestling career in New Zealand for NWA wrestling in 1964. After his regional success, he moved to America to further pursue wrestling in the big leagues. After two decades in ‌NWA wrestling, Butch and Luke signed with the WWF, now known as WWE. 

NameRobert Miller (Bushwhacker Butch, Cousin Butch)
Age78 years old
Zodiac SignLibra
Date Of Birth21 October 1944
BirthplaceWellington, New Zealand
NationalityNew Zealand
Net Worth$5 million

WWE gained them international exposure for the first time in their lives. They got contracts for double the amount they received in NWA wrestling. The WWF not only helped them rise to fame but also infused them with money.

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Bushwhacker Butch Miller Cause Of Death

Bushwhacker Butch Miller former teammate released the news of the demise of the WWE legend. But there has been no mention of the cause of the death. It is clear that Butch Miller passed away after a brief illness. Neither the parents nor ‌close friends have revealed what caused the death of the WWE star.

Last week, Luke informed me that Butch had been hospitalized due to a serious illness. Since ‌we are aware that medical bills are expectedly high, they created a GoFundMe for Bushwhacker Butch Miller to help meet the medical expenses.

Nevertheless, it is a truly unfortunate and sad circumstance to learn that the Bushwhacker Butch Miller sadly passed away despite the best efforts of his family and doctors to rescue him from his illness.

Bushwhacker Butch Miller Wife And Early Life

Bushwhacker Butch Miller also known as Robert Miller, was born on 12 October 1944 in New Zealand. The name of his parents has not been disclosed by the wrestler. For the most part, of his life, he has been very private.

It is indefinite how many relationships he had during his lifetime. But we are informed that he is now survived by his wife, Hellen Miller, and his daughters Sharon and Kristen. Further details of the family and past relationships are unknown. Unfortunately, we couldn’t extract trusted sources that cite the details of the family.

For now, we have been informed that the couple was living in New Zealand, before he appeared in Wrestlemania in Los Angeles, California.

Bushwhacker Butch Miller Achievements

Accomplishments in the WWE or any wrestling ‌industry come in the form of championship titles. Miller is famously known for his partnership with Luke. They both formed together and named themselves The Bushwackers. During their tenure at the NWA, they bagged almost every tag-team championship title at the event, even the special edition titles.

However, the tag team was not able to furnish themselves with titles in the WWF, although his contribution to the World Wrestling Federation ‌earned him a spot in the “WWE Hall of Fame in the class of 2015.

He served in several other professional wrestling and won several titles. He has won WWC World Tag Team champions, Universal Wrestling Tag Team champions, and many others. 

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