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Dj Brownskin Wife Video: Live Suicide Video Causes Public Outcry



Dj Brownskin Wife Video Live Suicide Video Goes Viral, Causes Public Outcry

A video that previously went viral online shows a Kenyan artist named DJ Brownskin filming his wife as she takes a poisonous substance. Sharon Njeri Mwangi, who was their mother and passed away in July of last year, was taken from them far too soon.

Who Is Dj Brownskin

Michael Macharia Njiri, better known by his stage name Dj Brownskin, is a well-known DJ and entertainer from Kenya. He is most recognized for his professional mixes. He was born and raised in the city of Johannesburg in South Africa. His musical style can be described as Afro-House.

Who Is Dj Brownskin

He is quite well-known in Kenya, and he has garnered a sizable following on Instagram, with 38.9 users following him there. When he first gained notoriety, Dj Brownskin performed at a number of different entertainment spots in Kenya. Additionally, he has garnered attention on a global scale and has given performances in countries such as Dubai.

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Who Is Dj Brownskin Wife? What Happened To Her

Sharon Njeri Mwangi was the name of Dj Brownskin’s wife (December 23, 1989 – July 29, 2022). Dj Brownskin’s wife had two children before she passed away, leaving them behind. Her age was 33 at the time. On many social media platforms, she was known by the handle @shaseskie.

Who Is Dj Brownskin Wife What Happened To Her

DJ Brownskin is famous all throughout the United States for his spectacular mixes and his ability to keep the crowd hopping on his beats for the entirety of the night. But, the South African DJ has recently been featured in the news for a video that features his wife.

The video shows DJ Brownskin’s wife drinking poison in front of their children. Because of this, a lot of people are focusing their attention on DJ Brownskin’s wife these days. The footage showing the wife of the South African DJ has aroused widespread outrage as well as concerns about domestic abuse and unhealthy relationships.

The video of Shawon Mwangi drinking a beverage has quickly spread over all of the various social media platforms. The latter can be seen stirring a potent cocktail in the upsetting video clip. It has been alleged that DJ Brownskin persuaded his wife to partake in the beverage in question.

After that, she guzzles down the mystery liquid and then hurls the cup in the direction of her husband. A short time later, she can be seen writhing in agony as a result of the pain. There is also a scene in which one of the couple’s children is seen attempting to assist Shawon Mwangi. The video comes to an end before Shawon Mwangi loses his life.

Brownskin shared a picture of his family on social media one day after the passing of his wife as a way to honor her memory. He acknowledges that he is feeling the loss of her and makes a pledge to fill it with the memories that they shared together. Many on the internet were astonished to watch a video of Brownskin’s wife drinking poison while he was recording it because of the kind of action he had performed before.

It is not apparent how the video was uploaded to the website in the first place. It is also unknown whether DJ Brownskin pressured his wife into eating the lethal cocktail or whether he was a collaborator in the act. None of these possibilities has been ruled out.

Public Reactions On The Viral Dj Brownskin Wife Video

Internet users were quick to react when they saw the disturbing footage of DJ Brownskin’s wife drinking a toxic concoction. With the death of the artist’s wife a year ago, many users of the internet questioned why the artist was not probed at the time. In the meantime, a number of people reached out to the authorities in Kenya, pressing them to take action.

They also discussed the potential charges that may be brought against the singer if his wife did end up passing away after the occurrence that was filmed in the video. On the other hand, many have backed DJ Brownskin, arguing that the fact that he did not participate in or observe the sad occurrence is not sufficient evidence to indicate that he is legally guilty.

They argued that it was premature to presume that he was guilty based on the brief film that was shown. Because the origin of the video is unknown, there is a possibility that he assisted his wife or that the video does not accurately reflect reality. At the time that this story was being written, DJ Brownskin had not issued a response to either the criticism or the video.

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According to reports, the inquiry into the death is also still ongoing. When a constitutional lawyer named Bobby Mkangi is questioned about the legality of the video in court, he responds by confirming that the video can be used as evidence in court if it satisfies specific requirements that have been established for submitting evidence. The obituary for Shawon Mwangi states that she was laid to rest on August 6, 2022, in the village of Koimbe Weithaga, which was her birthplace.

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