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Is John Pork, The Popular Pig Man, A Real Person? Is His Death News Fake?



Is John Pork Real

Queries regarding John Pork flooded the internet when the influencer was reported dead in Atlanta. However, there was no official confirmation from the officials or the close friends of the anonymous person behind the Pork face.

His death news has created havoc on the internet. Many have been accused that it is an attempt to gain 100k followers on Instagram. When viewed from that angle, it is true that the influencer gained around 20,000 followers during the past 24 hours. However, it is unclear whether it was a deliberate attempt or if is he really dead.

Reports suggest that his death news was fake. Because no credible news covered this news and no official confirmation regarding the death of any person linked to John Pork has been revealed. Although John Pork’s identity has been undisclosed.

Who Is John Pork?

The name John Pork first surfaced on the internet in 2018. The pictures of a man claiming the name John Pork with an uncanny appearance of a pig attached to a face. The user who claims to be John Pork started circulating selfies and videos on the internet. He started his Instagram handle under the name John Pork labeling himself as a fashion model.

The social media personality gained attention after he shared pictures of the pig’s face in tourist locations and AI-generated videos. The selfies became a meme and netizens added another name “Pigman”

His pigface appearance further gained popularity when it became a calling meme. Several influencers took to Tik Tok and Twitter to share the calling video and question whether to take the call or not.

The influencer became a trend in social media as the video of the calling meme became viral on TikTok and Twitter. The dialing meme was further escalated into memes, templates, and jokes. With increasing popularity, he gained more followers and receives love from them.

The calling meme became a Tik Tok sensation and has gained thousands of followers on his Instagram account. 100,000 followers have randomly poured love in the comment section. The influencer does not need to do much to gain the empathy of the followers.

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The influencer also has a youtube account with around 300 subscribers. It appears that he is not widely active on youtube. When analyzing his method of influencing, it is evident that John Pork does not deliver any content to be successful on Youtube. 

But love for him on Instagram cannot be hindered by any means. Major influencers have been showing love to the rising influencer. So far John Pork does not have a TikTok account. But recently the influencer has created one. 

However, it is unclear regarding the original name behind John Pork. but we retrieved that the influencer is from Sicily, Italy. It appears that John Pork has been traveling around international destinations which include New York and other vibrant cities.

Is John Pork Dead?

The Tik Tok sensation has again tangled up with rumors suggesting that he was found dead at the Atlanta. As we researched figuratively we found out that no media outlets have reported any information linking the demise of John Pork. 

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Apart from having any personal vengeance, it is unclear who could target an influencer who does not promote any activities on the internet. Unlike other influencers, John Pork does not promote any kind of topic on the internet.

He simply put an act of himself or posts a photo on social media. He has been receiving only from Instagram for his unique approach of resembling himself in the face of a pig.

The information regarding his death is reported as a hoax, as there is no official announcement regarding the death of the influencer. Details of the whereabouts of the influencer are unknown. His death news is only speculation until it is confirmed officially.

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