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Who Is Marikit Laurico? Floyd Mayweather Personal Assistant Dies Aged 47



Who Is Marikit Laurico Floyd Mayweather Personal Assistant Dies Aged 47

The news of the death of Floyd Meawether’s assistant, Marikit Laurico has been making rounds on the internet ever since the incident. Fans and friends of the accounts handler, Marikit, have been pondering ‌tributes on Instagram.

Marikit Laurico Death: Tributes To The Long-Term Assistant

Floyd Mayweather’s former partner, Melissa Brim, paid tribute to the long-term assistant. She wrote on her Instagram handle that she was heartbroken to learn of the demise of Marikit Laurico.

She expressed how grateful she has been for supporting the family in all ways. She added that KJ will miss her as they were quite close to each other. She concluded her statement by saying “You were my courtside, ringside, and photo buddy!! I love you & God Bless you RIH”

Who Is Marikit Laurico

The actor Jamie Foxx also paid tribute to Laurico. He posted a series of pictures of the Marikit Laurico on his Instagram feed and wrote in the caption “I know they say the god doesn’t make mistakes, but come on man, not @ikitchie, my heart is shattered. Just saw you two weeks ago. So many questions why…Rest beautifully my blessed friend gone too soon gone for no reason.” followed by broken-heart emojis.

However, the former professional boxer has yet to address any statement regarding the demise of his long-term assistant, who handled all his work-related matters.

At the same time, it is also a great loss for the boxing promoter. She has been working with Mayweather for almost a decade. They might have developed a more enduring bond than just colleagues. In other words, she could be one of the closest people Flloyd has.

Moreover, it is important for us to respect the privacy and confidentiality of Mayweather’s decision during these tough times. We believe that Mayweather is in close contact with the family of the Markit since the incident broke out.

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What Is The Cause Of Death?

Several reports have erupted claiming that she was feeling unwell and while some others claimed that she suffered a heart attack during a trip to Dubai.

Although, it is not clear what caused her to leave suddenly. Only a close individual to Marikit Laurico or an official can ‌confirm the cause of her death. Until then, we cannot confirm what caused her death.

Who Was Marikit Laurico?

The early life of the long-term assistant to Floyd Mayweather is unknown. Marikit Laurico has been focused on her work throughout her career.

Despite the fame her boss received, she always maintained to stay low in the media. She has been successfully managing the money and schedules of the former boxer. 

It is believed that Marikit Laurico passed away at the age of 47 while she was traveling on a trip to Dubai. Her determination to work in the same post for a decade has been widely recognized. Her loyalty to the job has inspired many youths in the country.

In an era of endless firing, Kitchie has mustered herself and is drawn towards her work to meet her ends. The most important reason for her to continue working for Floyd Mayweather is she likes the job as well as the atmosphere she had been in.

Marikit Laurico has always been ‌praised for her work as she played a pivotal role in the life of Floyd Mayweather’s post-boxing career. She managed everything about his life and delivered it on a well-dressed plate for Mayweather to work on.

She traveled with Mayweather to different locations around the world for promotions and other activities. She stood by Mayweather and held on to her post until life departed her.

Apart from information about being the assistant of Floyd Mayweather, we could not unearth any details regarding the individual for now.

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