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Jan Tchoryk: All About Chicago Firefighter Who Died In High Rise Fire



Jan Tchoryk All About Chicago Firefighter Who Died In High Rise Fire

There were injuries sustained by three firefighters. According to the city’s officials, a firefighter who had served with the Chicago Fire Department for 26 years and was responding to a blaze in a high-rise apartment building passed away on Wednesday morning. He was the second firefighter to pass away in the city in the past week.

The fire started on the 27th floor of the building located at 1212 North Lake Shore Drive on the Gold Coast at roughly seven in the morning and quickly spread throughout the building.

Mayday was called at about 8:00 in the morning after a firefighter passed out on the eleventh floor while climbing the stairs to the fire. He was trying to get to the blaze. According to CFD’s report, the elevators stopped working at some point throughout the morning.

Chicago Firefighter Died In High-Rise Fire

Injured Navy veteran Lt. Jan Tchoryk, 55, was pronounced dead shortly after being taken to a nearby hospital. Tchoryk had served in Operation Desert Storm.

The fire department responded to the high-rise in the Gold Coast section of the city shortly after 7:00 a.m., where the blaze was discovered on the 27th floor.

A fire broke out on an apartment building’s balcony, and photos supplied by the department show thick smoke and flames.

Because there were no sprinklers on the 27th floor and the elevators were broken, the firefighters had to climb 27 stories to get to the blaze.

Tchoryk passed out on the eleventh story, at which point other firefighters began rendering first aid and removing him from the structure. He was eventually taken out of the structure.

Later, the medical examiner will discuss the circumstances behind Tchoryk’s passing.

All About Chicago Firefighter Who Died In High Rise Fire

It is the second death in the line of duty for the Chicago Fire Department in as many days, following the passing of 49-year-old Jermaine Pelt on Tuesday when he was battling a house fire on the city’s South Side.

As a result of the battle on Wednesday, three additional firefighters received injuries that were not considered to be life-threatening.

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According to what Nance-Holt stated about Tchoryk, “He enjoyed being outside in the fresh air. He commuted to work on a motorcycle. He had prior experience in the naval service. He served in Desert Storm.”

Tchoryk became a member of the CFD in the year 1997.

Dylan, Tchoryk’s son, who recently graduated from the Chicago Police Academy, will likely take after his father in his commitment to serving the community. Mayor Lori Lightfoot gave a speech discussing Tchorek’s extended family.

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