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John Elway Net Worth: Business Ventures, Endorsements, Career & More!



John Elway Net Worth

John Albert Elway Jr. is a former American professional football quarterback who served as a consultant for the Denver Broncos of the National Football League (NFL). Elway has been with the Denver Broncos for the past sixteen years as their general manager and consultant after he retired from the field. 

Elway was a successful quarterback throughout his career and has acquired numerous records throughout his career in the games. Earlier last month, it was informed that the Denver Broncos legend won’t be continuing with the team, as his contract as a consultant ended in 2023 and will not be renewed. It was stated that the decision was made after a change in ownership of the team.

Being a part of the team Denver Broncos, he has made a good fortune, both as a player, consultant, and general manager. As of the 2023 estimate, it is believed that the former American professional football quarterback earned a network of around $145 million by this time.  

John Elway Career And Achievements 

Being one of the best quarterbacks of all time in the history of the National Football League, Elway was celebrated by both his co-players and his fans. He was a former Denver Broncos quarterback in the NFL and retired from football in 1999 after spending over sixteen years on the field. 

John Elway Career And Achievements 

During his career as a player, he created numerous records which are still not broken by any other players. He played for the Stanford Cardinal while in college. And after graduating from college, he joined the Denver Broncos, the following year and spent around sixteen years with the team on the field.  

In 1999, he retired from the field as a player and continued in the team as their general manager and later as their executive vice president of football operations. 

Throughout his career, both as a player and manager, he won four division titles, two AFC Championships, and a Super Bowl 50. This made him a three-time Super Bowl Champion with the Broncos. He was even honored with the College Football Hall of Fame in 2000 and the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2004. 

John Elway Net Worth 

As per the latest estimate by the top online forums, it was estimated that John Elway acquired a net worth of around $145 million. It was estimated that Elway acquired around $3 million per annum as his salary

He acquired this fortune from the NFL as a player and as an executive of the Denver Broncos. Apart from this, he has made wealth from endorsements, investments, business ventures, etc. 

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John Elway Business Ventures And Endorsements 

Elway is the co-owner of Colorado Crush, an Arena Football League Expansion Team that formed in 2002. After the 2008 season, they canceled the team and by the following year, they announced an undetermined hiatus of functions. 

Apart from the Arena Football League, he owns four steakhouse restaurants named “Elway’s.” he even owns five auto dealerships named John Elway Autos which are located in Denver. But in 1997, he sold all of them to AutoNation Inc for around $82.5 million.

At present, he owns two Toyota Scion dealerships, a Chevrolet dealership, a Chrysler Jeep dealership, etc. In 2014 he even acquired a Cadillac franchise from Sonic Automotive. In 2008, he became the spokesperson for 

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John Elway Personal Life

Elway married his college sweetheart Janet Buchan in 1984. He met her while participating in the swimming team while attending Stanford University. The couple shared four children, and in 2002 they got separated and finalized their divorce in 2003. 

John Elway Personal Life

Later in 2005, he met former Oakland Raiders cheerleader Paige Green in a celebrity golf tournament. They got romantically linked, and in September 2008, they got engaged. A year later, the couple announced their marriage in August 2009. 

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