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Ohio School Bus Driver Video: School Bus Driver Jackie Miller Viral Video



Ohio School Bus Driver Video School Bus Driver Jackie Miller Viral Video

The video of the bus driver from Ohio has gained widespread attention on the internet recently.

People can’t get enough of the vulgar and offensive rants that bus drivers direct toward the youngsters they transport.

The video of the bus driver quickly became extremely popular across various social media platforms.

The majority of it is on Reddit and Tiktok. And there is a significant amount of curiosity about the breakdown of bus drivers.

After only two days, the video of her that went viral on Tiktok has already acquired more than three million views.

The two-minute movie that depicts the bus driver’s rampage tells everything that needs to be said about the situation, even though the driver’s identity is not disclosed.

People are going online to find out more information about the video, which has led to the creation of t-shirts for the general public to purchase.

Jackie Miller Video: What Happened To Jackie Miller?

A video was taken of Jackie Miller, a former bus driver for the Amherst school district, cursing and using vulgarity in front of pupils.

Since then, the video has been viewed millions of times online. Miller stated that a small group of kids had purposefully provoked her over the past two years an interview in Cleveland.

Miller apologized for her actions but also defended them, saying that she believed they were justified.

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“I am sorry that things turned out the way they did. In point of fact, I am “Miller said. “I apologize for my acts, but I will not take them back in any way,” she said.

She further asserted that her asthma attacks were brought on by strong perfumes, which was the cause of the incident that was caught on tape.

Miller pointed to behavior like this as the basis for the severe shortage of bus drivers around the country.

School Bus Driver Jackie Miller Viral Video

Miller has indicated that she never meant to become a celebrity, but her tale is currently being reported on local and national newscasts.

At the very least, this will be the case for the duration of the current news cycle. She is able to give credit for the support she has gotten to a man who she had never met before the previous week.

According to Jeff Grob, a resident in the Cleveland region, the video had already been seen one million times when he came upon it.

Because he felt obligated to help Miller, he quickly established a GoFundMe campaign in order to provide the grandmother of five with financial support.

Donations have currently surpassed $94,000 as of this moment.

The local branch of a local clothing business has created a T-shirt to memorialize the occurrence, and they will contribute $5 from the sale of each garment which costs $25 to the driver who is now without a job.

One of the most famous phrases from the music video is printed on a shirt that is either black or green and contains a yellow image of a school bus.

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The line reads, “My foot will be so far up your ass that it will dangle from your nostril.” The funds from the sale of the shirts will go toward an even more extensive online fundraising drive that has already raised more than $59,000 from more than 2,500 contributors in order to assist her with retiring and taking a vacation.

This campaign is intended to support her. Even though there is a lot of pressure on her to retire, the bus driver has decided that she will continue driving buses, but she will only transport adults.

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