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Who Is Billy Woods? Florida Triple Homicide, Sheriff Criticized Gun Control



Who Is Billy Woods Viral Florida Sheriff Roar On Gun Control

On Friday, 7 April 2023, two juveniles were arrested for the triple homicide of teens in the Central Florida community.

After the arrest of the boys, Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods made a statement that is currently going viral all over the internet.

His rant against gun restrictions in the press conference was appreciated and criticized at the same time. As this news went viral, people are very much interested in knowing more about the Florida Sheriff. Here’s all that you need about Billy Woods.

Who Is Billy Woods?

William “Billy” Woods is a Florida Sheriff who is currently engaged with the murders of 3 teens in rural Marion County that happened earlier this month.

As of the records, he started his career as a Traffic Crash Reconstructionist/Traffic Homicide Investigator in April 2002. And he continued in the position for about three years and seven months until he stepped off in October 2005. 

Who Is Billy Woods

Later, he was promoted to sergeant and served in the position for about five years. In 2010, he joined Ocala Police Department in Ocala, Florida.

He served as a lieutenant for about six years, and by 2016, he was appointed as the Sheriff of Marion County, Florida.   

On January 3, 2017, Woods swore in as the Marion County Sheriff by Judge Steven Rodgers in the presence of former Sheriff Moreland.

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He is a fifth-generation Marion County resident. Wood’s father was the Ocala Fire Chief in the ’70s, 80’s, and 90’s.

As per his Linkedin profile, the County Sheriff attended the University of North Florida in 2000 and completed the certification in Traffic Crash Reconstruction by 2002.

He even attended an FDLE Senior Leadership Program.

He graduated from the Ocala Christian Academy and earned a Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.)Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement from Columbia Southern University by 2014. 

Billy Woods Career As A Sheriff

Prior to his service as the Sheriff, Woods was a part of the Ocala Police Department for 26 years.

He served in numerous leadership programs just as mentioned above and even retired as a lieutenant.

Florida Sheriff Billy Woods

He was accoladed with a Medal of Valor and Medal of Distinction, which is one of the greatest decorations an officer can receive. 

Upon being elected as the Sheriff, he guided many top organizations.

He implemented numerous new programs and even reconstructed the organization for its betterment. The initial act made by Marion County’s new sheriff was to bring up a new honor code.

The whole of the deputies under the sheriff swore to uphold integrity, honesty, and trust in every action they take in their duty. 

Why Did Billy Woods The Florida Sheriff Become Viral On The Internet?

Upon the arrest of the two suspects in a string of shootings in Marion County, Florida Sheriff Billy Woods ranted about gun control which became a controversial issue.

He slammed society, school districts, and the gun law after revealing that one of the three culprits in the recent killings of three teenagers in Florida is a 12-year-old boy.

The Sheriff claimed that society failed the culprits and that they don’t hold the juveniles accountable.

Billy Woods even criticized the media and others who put the blame on guns after such an event rather than thinking about who was behind this brutal act.

Woods said, “(You) want to blame the one thing that has no ability or the capacity to commit the crime itself, and that’s the gun. These individuals committed the crime.” 

While a group agreed with the Sheriff’s views on the gun laws, some others criticized him for bringing up an emotional talk instead of doing something with the gun laws in the country. 

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