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Who Is Riley Gaines? All About Ex-Kentucky Swimming Star You Need To Know!



Riley Gaines

Riley Gaines was a swimmer on the University of Kentucky team. Brad and Telisha are the parents of Riley, who was born and brought p in Nashville Tennessee. Riley began swimming at the age of 4. She was recruited to the University of Kentucky as a swimmer.

Additionally, she is studying human health service and health law, while she spends six hours a day practicing. Riley got married to ‌freestyle swimmer Louis Baker, who went to Millfield School.

All her efforts were questioned when the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) dampened her achievement by awarding her opponent, Lia Thomas, whom she ‌tied for the fifth. Lia Thomas previously competed and won in the Men’s swimming sport.

In the wake of the NCAA stealing her spotlight, Riley raised her voice against the association for allowing biological men to compete in women’s sports. However, her speech against Lia Thomas backfired. 

What Happened To Riley Gaines?

Riley Gaines has been cornered at her university by Trans activists following her speech against competing ‌transgender in women’s swimming ‌to save the women’s sport. She was forced to lock herself in the room after she was ambushed and physically hit by a man twice inside the university.

In a Twitter video released by Riley, she can be seen escorted by a couple of police officers while she was being bad-mouthed for her speech by Trans activists on social justice for her regarding the involvement of transgender women in a women’s swimming competition.

Riley Gaines and Lia Thomas

Riley Gaines has now become a national icon after she raised her voice and objected to trans women competing in the Women’s Stars regarding ‌last year’s draw with trans swimmer Lia Thomas.

According to Riley, trans women are just biologically men who compete in women’s sports. She called out the idea of including transgenders in women’s sports as the opposite of ‌progressiveness.

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Riley revealed that the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) was trying to save their face by giving the trophy to Lia Thomas. She was devastated to learn the fact that her hard work and determination were ignored by giving away the trophy from her.

Furthermore, she was confused about why a transgender person was prioritized over women in a women’s swimming sport when she thought that women should be given more of a chance and be given a chance to shine. 

Ever since she raised her voice against the unfair involvement of biological men in women’s sports, she has become a national sensation. Additionally, she thanked several male and female elite athletes for their stances on the opinion.

Earlier this year, Gains was quoted in a news article slamming President Joe Biden for suggesting changing the definition of sex in civil rights law to include gender and gender identity.

Furthermore, the idea of transgender women competing in women’s sports place women in a disadvantaged state. She further added that when she encountered Lia Thomas in the dressing room, her anatomy resembled that of a male.

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It has been a burning concern for ‌women athletes ever since transgenders were allowed to compete in ‌national sporting events. They feared that the talents and abilities of the women athletes would be shadowed by the male-bodied athletes. Although, swimmer Lia Thomas argued that participation in their category does not threaten any sport‌. 

However, many believe that it is not fair for transgenders to compete in women’s competitions despite their testosterone injections. Former athletes suggest starting a new category for transgenders.

Since transgender athletes had not dominated women’s sports until Lia Thomas, no officials were concerned. Only time can tell if the authorities will amend the new rules for ‌fair game.

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